Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cherry Baby 1950's inspired outfit

Today I am off to teach at a Vintage pamperbox event and haven't worn this Cherry print swing dress for ages so thought I would dust it off.

I think owning this particular dress is  a rite of passage for any girl when they first get into vintage/1950's style. Both me and Lilly Von Pink own it and used to wear them when we ran our burlesque night the Cherry Lounge.
As this dress is such a classic fifties style Ive styled my hair in a Bettie Page inspired rolled fringe and high pony tail with a leopard print bow. I love putting cherry print and leopard print together. Its a classic combination.

Ive put the dress with a short sleeved thin cardigan with nips in my waist a little. My shoes are ballet pumps made by crocs. They are a special limited edition Hello Kitty version so have Hello Kitty on the side and  a pink bow. I often wear these when I do pamper days as they are so comfortable.

I'm extra coordinated today as well as wearing a leopard print bow in my hair, I have a leopard print necklace by Clutterfly on (I have a few of these with my name on) and leopard effect nail polish. Its Barry M gold varnish with the black croc effect on top.My make up is heavy black eyeliner (I'm using Mabellines new one which comes with a brush and pot, its nice and smudgy) and on my lips my latest favourite lipstick with is Lilly 340 by Rimmel. Its the best bubblegum pink lipstick Ive found for ages and its doesn't wear off. I'm also giving a pair of £3 false eyelashes by Matalan a whirl. they are a great shape although have a white root line which Ive had to try and fill with eyeliner. Great value though.

The Details

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

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  1. Nice dress! I don't have that dress but I do have some similar ones (i.e. very popular designs you see time and again). One that springs to mind is a leaopard print 50s style prom/halter dress, seen it on a few blogs. Well these designs are popular for a reason! :) I am fascinated by your 'crocs' - I can't bear the look of normal crocs clogs but cute pumps with croc comfort sound genius!

  2. Love the dress you look fab! I have those hello kitty pumps too and they are super comfy ! Xx

  3. You look divine! I love cherry prints on anything, it's such a fab print. X

  4. Yup I have this dress and 3 other cherry print ones!

  5. Wow, you look fab ! Wonderful blog entry again as are the others. I have just spent about an hour going through all the ones I've missed (work keeps getting in the way-lol).
    Love the artwork your husband has made, very tastefully done.
    One day I will go into work more vintage inspired...
    Your glasses look awesome, very stylish. When I last went to have eyes checked, I stayed with the same frames, as firstly the ones in optician's were not what I call my style and secondly, so overpriced. As I have to have special lenses, the cost of those alone was enough IMO.
    I'm still sewing on my dress project. It's in black and purple(of course, purple has to feature somewhere!) and when I have finished I will try to upload on twitter... Might be a while though as I am not the quickest and surest with a sewing machine. Comes from sewing my thumb when I was a kid! :)))

  6. I have that dress as well as the crocs! I haven't worn my dress as its a bit cold but I think I might just have to get it out tomorrow and team it with a cardigan.

  7. Lovely dress! You as always wear it well. :)

  8. Lurve the dress. Have one with cupcakes on it ans am now inspired to wear it to work on one of our 'casual days' :-).

    Adore your blog.


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