Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brush Cleaning Secrets

Many of you will use brushes to apply your make up and if you go for brands like Mac this can be quite expensive. Whatever the quality of your brush how you take care of them will make a big difference to how they perform and how long they last. Working at the Vintage Pamperbox myself and Lilly Von Pink have to clean an awful lot of make up brushes.Here's Lilly's  top tips for beautiful brushes.

My Girl Lilly Von Pink-Sharing her beauty knowledge
Working as a make up artist my most prized processions are my make up brushes. I have lots of different brands and in very different price ranges but the main thing is they do their job and last the distance. Some of my brushes are a few years old and have gone through this cleaning process a lot

I'm not a massive fan of brush cleanser sprays but if I'm on a big job and haven't enough brushes a brush cleanser spray is helpful.I use one by Elf which work well.

I use Elf Brush Cleaner on big shoots

Here is how I give my brushes a deep clean so they are ready for make up application action!

1. I use a baby shampoo or washing up liquid and a few drops of
Macedonia oil as I don't want it to dry out my brushes. Dip the make up brush
into the cleaning solution.

2. After dabbing some solution onto your brush rub it back and forth on your hand to loosen the make up from the brush and to get the cleaner through the bristles. I work my way through all my brushes then I'm ready for the next stage.

3. I then grab a bath towel and fold it in half and place it somewhere flat and start rinsing my brush's

4.when rinsing your brush I have the water warm and hold the brush pointed down so the water doesn't run back into the barrel of the brush, moving the bristles round, making sure I have rinsed all the soap and make up out. Then still pointing down I gently squeeze the water from the brush and lay them on the towel.

5.I always rinse my big brushes then I will fold the towel over again and then wash my smaller brushes.
*make sure all your brushes point the same way*

Second layer of brushes

6. Once all the brush are clean I roll the towel into a roll remembering which way the brushes are facing.

7. I then wrap an elastic band round to keep the brush's in place.
Then I put it on the radiator brush still pointing down so any water cant run back into the barrel of the brush and leave the heat to dry them. *as long as there not in direct contact with the heat they are fine*

And that's it- wait until they dry

*Disclaimer : I have cleaned my brushes this way for years but use this method at you own risk*
For loads more hints, tips and beauty tutorials check out my Vintage Beauty Page

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