Monday, 9 April 2012

Vintage Inspired Spring Make Up Tutorial

Spring has sprung
Although my favourite go to look is the classic 1950's combination of pale skin, smoky eyes and red lips I always think its important to play with colours and also lighten your make up palette as the seasons change. There is nothing worse than feeling caked in strong make up when all around you is light and fresh.
So when the Bodyshop very kindly sent me one of their Pink Flirt lipsticks from their Colourglide range to try, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a spring inspired look.Glamorous enough to suit my clothes and hair but with a more girly, pretty vibe.
Step One
I started off with a base of pale foundation. I haven't caked it on so you can still see my freckles underneath. Ive enhanced my brow shape with a dark brown HD powder. In order to stop this look seeming too insipid or worse still 1980's in flavour (always a risk with pink and purple eyeshadow) strong brows and eyeliner are the key.
Light foundation but strong brows
Step Two
The eyeshadow look here uses three colours. I start with a very pale pink. I'm using this all over my eyelid area and up over my brow bone. This will be the base on which the other two colours will be applied to create shape.
Pale Pink as a base
Applied all over the lid and brow bone
Step Three
Take your middle colour which in case is a medium pink and roll your brush along the crease line of your eyelid. Take it all around the socket being sure to blend so there are no hard lines.
Medium Pink for your socket line

Work it all along your eye socket
Step Four
Take your final colour which here is a dark pink and use it at the corner of each eye to create an almond shape. Be sure to blend this well so you don't end up with wings, I go over mine  a few time to build up this outer edge and then use a clean brush to round out the edges.
Final colour dark pink

Use this at the very outer edges of your eye
Soften this by going over with a clean brush

Step Five
Use gel eyeliner to draw a thick line on your upper eyelid. I also applied quite a large french flick. This balances out the sweet pink colours and ensures you are still channelling some 1950's spirit.
Gel eyeliner

Applied in athick line on the lash line
Finished off with a french flick
Step Six
Add two coats of black mascara to your top lashes. I leave my bottom lashes bare.
two thin coats of mascara on your upper lashes
Always add a few strokes more at the outer lashes to create a cat eye effect
Step Seven
Apply some rose pink cheek tint to the fattest part of your cheeks.The aim is to look slightly flushed and healthy. Use sparingly though its very easy to wander into Aunt sally from Wurzel Gummidge territory.
Cheek tint to the apple of your cheek
Step Eight
Finish with a nice bright pink lipstick. With red lipstick I usually recommend a lip liner to stop bleeding and you can certainly do that with pink too but with this shade Ive just put it on straight from the tube. This Pink Flirt  shade works perfectly with this look and has gone on so beautifully. its very creamy and quite long lasting so top marks all round to The Bodyshop.
A nice pop of pink for your pout
And there you have it. A 1950's make up look using a pink palette to compliment all your candy coloured swing dresses and pastel twinsets. I teamed my make up with a soft victory roll with the rest of my hair down, a petal hair flower and a gingham swing dress. All I need is a wicker handbag and I'm ready for Spring.
The finished make up-striking but softer than the classic 1950's face
Big hair flower and even bigger cleavage optional

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