Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to Make A Rockabilly Leopard Easter Display

I absolutely love Easter. For me it signifies spring and new beginnings and lighter evenings. I also love creating big Easter displays and every year try something new. One thing I have noticed though is the distinct lack of anything even slightly rockabilly cool or 1950's in flavour when it comes to ideas for Easter. Now don't misunderstand me I adore the pale pastels of dipped eggs, the kitschness of fluffy chicks and the sparkliness of foil coloured eggs but it would be nice to have something which reflects my style a bit more.

With this in mind I decided to create a "Rockabilly inspired" Easter display. Its looking rather cool here at BB Towers so thought I would share how to make it as its so easy.

You will need

6 eggs
A Pin
A straw
PVA Glue
masking tape
A brush
A Jam jar
leopard print tissue paper
Fast drying varnish
Some bunches of pussy willow, or a few thin branches to hang your decorations on.

Step One
Make a hole in the top and bottom of the egg with the pin. I made my holes quite big for ease of getting the egg white and yolk out.

Step two
Put your egg over the jug and use your straw to blow the contents of the egg into the jug. Once all the yolk is gone give it a quick rinse under the tap and dry it.

Step Three
Thread some ribbon through the egg using the two holes you have already made. Tie a knot in one end o it stays inside the egg and create a loop at the top.If the hole at the bottom is to big for your knot use a few pieces of masking tape to cover it.

Step Four
Use PVA glue to cover the entire egg with pieces of leopard print tissue paper.Leave to dry

Step Five
Paint each egg with a thin coat of fast drying varnish. let each coat dry and ten do another one. i applied about four coats as I wanted a lacquered look to the eggs.

Step Six

Attach your leopard print eggs to some branches in a jam jar or jug. You can even tie some polka dot ribbon around or paint with Mexican day of the dead skulls.Your Rockabilly Easter Display is now ready to welcome in the Easter leopard.

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