Friday, 20 April 2012

Tescos Finest Polka Dot Dress

Now me and supermarket clothes do not usually a great match make. The plus sized ranges are usually a nightmare of floral tents and elasticated trousers. Tescos though seems to be the exception. I already own a few rather foxy polka dot cardigans by them and picked this dress up the other day. It was in their swimwear section and think its meant to be used as a glorified sarong but I just loved the bright orange polka dots and am wearing it like a tube dress over leggings.

Dress by Tescos-Every little helps

Victory Rolls and a high pony tail
I brought the orange flower from their accessories range as well and have clipped that at the front to add a little more detail. Finished off with a knotted cardigan, footless tights and Minnie mouse shoes I'm ready to go.
Loving the orange polka dots
For my make up I'm wearing a blue grey eyeshadow and Orange lipstick. Ive put three victory rolls in my hair and a high messy pony tail.
The Details
Footless tights-Dorothy Perkins
Shoes-New Look

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.

Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

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  1. Wonderful post! Love your look today too Betty Bee! <3 Adding the flower is a lovely touch.
    Hugs, Jx

  2. I have Tesco to thank for about 30% of my wardrobe! I'm a size 22 so am in the biggest 'normal' size which I am incredibly thankful for because their plus size range really is full of horrible, shapless tunics and oversized shirts. However, every so often in the general range they have some really pretty vintage inspired dresses which is my weakness!
    They're also great for cardigans.
    Fab post, as always xx

  3. Ooh how much is that dress? So it is a strapless one? Literally a pull on one? MUST go have a look!
    Victory rolls rock!!!
    xx x

  4. You look lovley.I'll take my curves round to Tesco as soon as possible.

  5. I love your hair like that, it's fab. I never think of looking in Tesco, I'll have to pop along. x

  6. Your hair looks lovely. I need to pop in to Tesco and have a look through again. x

  7. Great advice - and you look lovely as usual!

  8. I discovered your blog recently and I am now addicted - you are such a beautiful lady !


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