Friday, 13 April 2012

Vintage Wardrobe: Its all about the beehive

Let me open my wardrobe to you
Ive been asked by quite a few of my readers to do outfit posts and as I love seeing what other bloggers wear (I'm nosy like that) thought I would have  a go.
Before I start doing this on a regular basis here are a few things you should know about me:

  1. Although I love all things vintage and the clothes and styles of the 1940's and 50's particularly, due to my rather large bangers and well padded figure, real vintage rarely fits over my head. So I am all about the repro baby.
  2. My size varies from a size 16-20. This is largely dependent on my work schedule. When the phone stops ringing and no one wants me I do my Davina DVD and get into healthy eating.When I'm busy (as recently when Ive been finishing my first book) I eat lots of cake and sit in front of a computer for hours.
  3. I rarely wear heals.Being uncomfortable makes me grumpy so unless I can totter from a car to a bar stool its flats all the way.
  4. My size never stops me feeling anything other than vintage fabulous. Sure I prefer it when I don't get out of breath tonging my hair but I actually believe that with huge hair and even bigger lashes you can look rather wonderful whatever size or shape you are.

I hope by doing these posts I inspire anyone who feels they don't have the vital statistics to look like a vintage vixen to have a go. Throw on a Gok Wan bodyshaper and start loving what you wear everyday.
Never wait to be a specific dress size to enjoy clothes.Once you start liking what you see in the mirror it will trickle down to every aspect of your life.

My Style
I call my style "Retro tart' I like shapes and looks from various eras and love having fun with fashion. One day I might want to wear a swing dress and channel Grace Kelly in High Society, the next I might be feeling all 1940's land girl and chuck on a snood and wide leg trousers. I'm also a bit of a fan of student chic and when I want to slob around will often wear over sized tee shirts, granddad cardigans and a Morrissey quiff and I constantly return to a Rockabilly sensibility. A vintage purist I am not. It works for me and means I am constantly excited by clothes and fashion.
Here are some examples:
I'm dotty about polka dots

Betty Draper Chic in a music note swing dress

A Ska hoodie and rockabilly headscarf
Today's Outfit

Today's outfit was inspired by my music choice. This morning I was listening to the  1960's girl group The Shangri La's and decided I had to have a beehive.
So Ive backcombed my hair, left my fringe down for a change and pinned in a pretty flower. Carrying on this theme Ive opted for a fairly muted eyeshadow and lined my eyes heavily with eyeliner. My lipstick  is Pink Flirt by the Body shop.

As I'm actually required to do quite a lot of work today as well as supervise a playdate with two rather excited five year olds I have opted for comfort in my outfit choice.
My cardigan is a Collectif one from Dollymixture clothing
Dress is by Pearl Lowe and is black lace with a lovely black ribbon hem and black shift.
Black leggings are by Topshop
Creepers sneakers are by Tuk

Pink Flirt Lipstick Competition
This week Ive got a Bodyshop Colourglide lipstick in the Pink Flirt shade to give away.

To enter:
  • Join this blog if you haven't already
  • Spread the good word about this giveaway on Twitter, FB, your blog, or whatever choice of social media you prefer
  • Leave a comment on Mondays post.

The winner will be chosen via random number generator on Friday the 13th April 2012

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