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The Making Of A 1950's Lifestyle Film

Ive known the lovely Lisa Oakley for a while now. She owns the scrumptious online vintage store LottyBlue is a crafter, writer and all round superwoman. I knew she had been making a 1950's inspired short film both as a homage to her favourite decade and as a clever promotional tool for her beautiful boutique and was totally blown away by it when I saw it recently. Here is Lisa telling us all about the exsperince and a chance to see the fab film (its only a few minuites long so perfect tea break fodder) Over to you Lisa:

The Making of a 1950's Lifestyle Film
It has been a very busy few months here at LottyBlue including producing our first short promotional video. The 1950's lifestyle film is based on a similar style to the motion picture Pleasentville. It has been an amazing experience to work with Lilac Films, a local Staffordshire film maker, and a professional crew, photographer and composer.

 I was also very lucky to have the very stylish and amazing Miss Lola Lamour. Lola Lamour is a famous singer on the vintage scene and her husband Kevin who's 1950's appearance also lent itself perfectly to the atmosphere of the film. I was over the moon when they both agreed to be in the film and I must say they were absolute troopers. It was a very long day with an early start and a very late finish. I have always dreamed of making a film. People say there is a book in everyone to be written well perhaps that is true of me but it's not been a book as much as making a film instead.

The film is a platform to promote my online vintage home store http://www.lottyblue.co.uk which sells an eclectic mix of vintage original furniture and retro homeware including vintage style aprons, cake tins and china. The idea of the film was to celebrate the lifestyle of the 1950's which I feel is still very relevant in today's society. It was shot on location at Littywood Manor House which dates back to the 14th century and is set in the stunning Staffordshire countryside. The area of Littywood is mentioned in the Domesday book and is steeped in history. The manor house even has two moats which were just beautiful.

This film has been one of the largest projects I have ever managed. It's been an amazing journey from start to finish and has enabled me to work along side some truly gifted and talented people. Each one of them has come together to create an amazing short lifestyle film. The project began around October last year when I meet Steve Cranston from Lilac Films. I had admired his films and loved his style of work. We talked about my business and my background and of course my interest in the 1950's culture. This first meeting was key for it lead the way for Steve to create multiple film scripts. I was spoilt for choice each on of the four scripts Lilac Films provided where brilliant and they captured the mood that I was after perfectly. After some debating I finally choose a Pleasantville style film script.
 My decision to go with this was an interesting one as I can connect with the clever use of colour in the original film when things change for the people in Pleasentville. When modern influences embrace them their world changes colour and although it's scary it's all part of moving forward. This is certainly the case for LottyBlue where I am embracing the past and merging nostalgia with contemporary items and thereby connecting the decades together. The concept of the film was to shot in black and white with the LottyBlue products bursting into colour when the characters interact with them which is in similar style to that of the film Pleasantville. There have been so many parts to this project it's felt at times like I have organised a huge wedding but no one actually got married. The scale of it was huge. Four months in the planning for a film which was to be around two minutes long. There was lots to organise including props, finding the right location, actors, composers the list goes on and on. Each step was given time and thought to make sure the decisions where right. I am so very proud of my first LottyBlue film and now it's complete would like to share with as many people as possible in the hope that they enjoy it as much as I have. I hope you do.
Now Watch The Film
Photo's of the film set were kindly provided by http://www.helencottonphotography.co.uk/

 To celebrate the release of this wonderful little film you lovely readers can now get a 15% discount on all items in the LottyBlue.co.uk store up until the end of April. Just put the code 'bettybee' in at checkout.
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