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Its Your Wedding Day: Don't Be A Cog In The Machine

Welcome to the first of my regular wedding inspiration features. 
As part of my work with the Vintage Pamperbox and my photography company Betty Bee Ive been lucky enough to be involved in some truly scrumptious nuptials.
Lets go down the wedding ideas rabbit hole
Over the years the thing which has struck me the most is that having a memorable wedding  isn't about how much budget you blow,its as much about infusing every element with your own personal taste and individuality.
Having recently written a book called "The Handmade wedding" I want to share with you my ideas for how to get the wedding of your dreams, not the prescribed version churned out by the wedding industry.

Its your day-have it your way
Get Moody
First things first step away from the standard wedding magazines/websites. Sure these may be helpful once you have decided on your theme but if you nose dive into a pile of generic bridal fodder the moment you set a date the chances are your individuality will be trampled underfoot. 
Articles telling you how "understated make up is the only way on your wedding day' and phrases like "simple elegance" will brainwash you into thinking that what should be the most visually unique day of your life should look like a carbon copy of a million other events. 

Be unique
To tap into what you like create mood boards from anything but wedding magazines. 
Tear pictures from fashion mags, art postcards, swatches of fabric, reels of ribbon and don't just stick to visuals. Think of poems or music lyrics which you love.Who are your style icons? your favourite fairytale? Once these are created you will see the true essence of who you and your partner are.

Delicious wedding ideas
Turning dreams into reality
Once you have created your mood boards spend some time together looking at them and start to refine your ideas. If its all too confusing break it down to the  five images which are calling you the most. Remember you don't have to be too literal here, the idea is to be inspired.
Be bold and beautiful-who says brides can only wear white
Can't stop looking at a dreamy picture of Stevie Nicks on the front cover of Rumours then perhaps your theme can be ethereal with top hats featuring lots of floaty fabrics. 
Turn your dreams into reality
If you are dotty about polka dots maybe these can be worked into your bridesmaids outfits and the groom and ushers tie. Once you realise that you don't have to compromise it becomes exciting and less alien. 
If you are not usually traditional in your outlook or a follower of the pack why start now?
Everything from fairytales to poetry can inspire
How to get the most bang for your buck
It may seem at first that going down the generic wedding route is cheaper. The whole wedding industry can seem to be geared to white frocks, fruit cakes and hired suits but with some careful planning you can create some very strong visuals without going wildly over budget. 
Don't like ivory how about eau de nil
A great example of this are the beautiful cakes used to illustrate this feature.
Created by the amazing Kiss And Bake Up this collection of cakes were called Wonderland and a themed dessert table from them including display pieces and set up service to feed 20 people start at £220, amazing eh.Imagine your reception guests walking in to these! 

The amazing Kiss and Bake up turning wedding dreams into reality with their breathtaking confections 

With a little research you can find local bakers, dressmakers and florists who are no doubt bored witless churning out the same old stuff week in,week out and will jump at the chance to collaborate on interesting ideas.

Alice in wonderland themed fancies-who needs fruitcake
In a saturated market standing out from the crowd is the life's blood of the wedding industry. Be sure to arrange with your wedding photographer that you can pass on photographs of all elements for the suppliers to use afterwards. 
If they are envisaging that your cake/flowers/dress is going to bring an edgy creative element to their portfolio they will be even more enthusiastic and prepared to go that extra mile to help you realise your vision.

Who says the groom has to be suited and booted
Let your individuality shine through

Try your hand (made)
Ive written before how even the most expert crafters can go into a wedding coma as soon as the engagement ring is on there finger. Forgetting all the amazing skills they possess, which can be utilised to help create the perfect day. Making elements for your wedding can not only save money but guarantee no one else will have the same. 

Make every element unique from cake design to music choice
Over the next few months I will be bringing you some very cool wedding craft ideas. 
When planning your big day make a list of what your crafting talents are, and also who in your circle of friends and family is also creative. 
When my lovely friend Lilly got married she asked me to make tea cup candles for every table. As I had plenty of notice I was able to source blue toile china tea cups which matched her wedding theme. These were my wedding gift to her and the smell of the scented wax filled the whole reception.

Don't let others peck away at your choices-its your wedding-own it!

I hope you have enjoyed this first wedding inspiration feature. If you are a supplier of unique wedding items or you have some great wedding ideas that you perhaps used on your own big day please get in touch here

The Details
 'Wonderland' cakes by Kiss And Bake Up
Photography by Alex Skennerton
Models: Laura Mai, Johanna Michelle, Tamer Latif, Laura Mai, Sarah Downham
Make Up by Bonnie Deponeo
Props and cakery: Kiss & Bake Up
Edits: Bekki Cooke

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  1. Loving the creativity flowing through this, really lovely article.

  2. how awesome! my sister's getting married next year - will pass this onto her! xoxo louise from 'today and tomorrow'

    1. Thanks Louise-had a little peak at your blog too. Its lovely xx

  3. Love, love, love this post. This is why I sent you that email! I hope you got in touch with them and they were as excited as I am when you showed them what you can do.

    Madison xxx

    1. Ooh who did you recomend Madison?

  4. Love this post, especially the fab photo advertising your offer wonder who that lovely rockin bride was ...... Me xxx

    1. Still one of our fave weddings of all time. You rocked da house Mrs Gemma xx

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! When I got engaged, it was so overwhelming but I knew to stay true to our rockabilly/vintage loves. I dare say, here in the states, it is very hard to create something unique. I truly believe my fiance and I have! Our invites were modeled after old records, (Kraft paper, sewn together, and record inserts)-I'll send you a few pictures of them if you wish! We also have vintage cars bringing us in (including our 55 Suburban Carryall and 57 Bel-Air), an ice cream sundae bar with cake pops and our card box looks like a record player. A lot of our wedding is handmade by myself and the fiance. I'm very proud of our invites and everything else we have put together! It is us and that is what matters.

    1. Missy that all sounds amazing-please send me pics. Woud love yo see it all. Your wedding sounds epic!

  6. Im finding the best thing is when you call suppliers is to say its a party not a wedding! prices are a lot less (I even rang them back and asked for same quote for a wedding not a party and yes you guessed it the prices increased!) Cant wait for the book x

    1. Thats such a good sugestion-its true that as soon as the word weding is used another few hndred quid is automaticaly added. xx

  7. We had a lot of last minute decorations to add, and the staff was eager and willing to help. The food was amazing. They have extremely unique and tasty food.


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