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How To Make Bad Hair Good

Whilst I'm always banging on about self acceptance, one part of me I truly dislike and wish I could change is my hair.
 I have my father to thank for it. Fine, brown stringy stuff that often threatens to ruin my painstakingly applied make up and carefully chosen outfit.
How do I remedy this? With the use of cunning hairpieces and clip in fringes and ponytails.
I think for a lot of people the idea of adding extra bits of hair seems a bit odd. No one wants to look "wiggy" or god forbid be out and about and have part of their hairstyle fall out but nowadays clip in hair is so well made and so easy to add that its child's play and as I will show you enables you to have as many hairstyles as you have outfits.
The rather marvellous Wonderland Wigs who are always my first port of call in  a hair crisis have very kindly given me some of their beautiful hair pieces so I can share with you how easy peasy it is to have a flowing mane. Even if what you were born with is frankly below par.

Adding length and thickness with clip in hair extensions
My hair grows quite long but as you can see here its not particularly thick.
An natural-OK but a bit on the fine side

A clip in hair extension is the fastest way to add some extra length and volume to your hair. You simply clip them in underneath your own hair (just past the crown)

No its not a beard its a clip in hair extension

And you instantly have longer thicker tresses. They come in a range of colours and are very easy to match up to your own colour. Once clipped in they feel very secure and are a great way to add volume.

Longer, fuller hair in an instant

Great for a night out or if your hair is having a particularly rubbish day.

The 3/4 Wig
3/4 Wigs are a great way to create really "big hair especially on a night out even if your own hair refuses to go into any style except "fine brown mist" because you still have your own fringe on show they don't feel heavy or have that slightly artificial  look that full wigs can have.

Here I am with my own quite fine hair

ta-dah-I'm suddenly a full haired vixen

All Ive done is fix it to the crown of my head with the combs which sit inside the wig. Its also fixed at the nape of the neck as well so feels very secure.

Loving my big hair

Ponytail Perfection
The ponytail I manage with my own hair you could comfortably fit through a wedding ring its so thin and unimpressive.
You are not going to get a particularly impressive pony tail form this

No problem by simply clipping a fake ponytail over my anaemic affair I have more tail than a Grand National winner.
Simply tie your hair into a small bun on the top of your head and clip the ponytail in. This is one of my fave ways to avoid  a bad hair day.
Put a bridle on me and feed me  a sugar lump
Clip in fringes
Clip in fringes are one of my favourite fake hair accessories. I love the look of a strong blunt fringe but sadly my hair just isn't thick enough.I also like to keep a long fringe so I can do victory rolls and quiffs.
Now if I fancy a cute little fringe  I simply pin my real fringe to one side and clip in a fake one.
This is a side sweep fringe but I also have a blunt cut one too

A clip on fringe is such a quick way to make a dramatic difference to your look.  
Suddenly I'm coming over all Bettie Page
Great with lashings of black eyeliner and lots of red lipstick

And finally
If like me you just adore the "more is more" look, do as I do and use a clip in fringe and 3/4 hair piece and turn the hair glamour up to ten.
I call this "The Wanda" after the character in Cry baby
Big hair, big lips, big boobs

So if mother nature has been less than kind when it comes to the hair department or you just fancy trying out some new looks, try out some of Wonderlands great hair enhancers. Life's too short to put up with a less than glamorous hair do.
Loving my new vintage vixen hair do

The Details:
Photography Nick Beedles Betty Bee Photography
MUA Lilly Von Pink Pin Up Bride
Hair-Lena Stobbe
Hair Peices-Wonderland Wigs

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