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French Inspired Smoky Eye Make Up Tutorial

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Occasionally I get sent make up to review and this week was lucky enough to receive some goodies from Dainty Doll. This range which was created by Nicola from Girls Aloud features incredibly pretty packaging and has carved out a bit of  a niche for all you pale skinned lovelies as they have spent a lot of time getting their foundations right for fair skins especially red heads.
I received an eye pencil (colour 02) which was really long lasting and didn't smudge at all even when worn all day and a lovely ultra pale pink lipstick in shade 005 in his kiss which as the name suggests immediately made me feel very 1960's.
Ive been thinking of doing a smoky eye tutorial for a while as its one of those make up looks which can make you feel especially glamorous and always makes me feel very french and sophisticated looking. Here's my step by step guide for adding some smoky drama to your look:
Step One
As always Ive started with a very pale base. This is Loreal 12 hour foundation in porcelain. I have also applied a very heavy arched brow using a mixture of powder from the HD brow kit and elf eyeliner in dark brown. It looks a little nuts at this stage-stay with me.
Pale base, Strong brows. looks  a bit odd-stay with me!

Step Two
Rather than use the classic white and grey combination which I always think looks a little too harsh, Ive opted for a pale green for my initial base colour. This may sound odd but sage colours once on look like a soft grey and work better with pale skin tones. I apply this base colour to my eyelid all the way around just pass the eye socket.This colour is by Karen Millen and is shade 224 in sage. I got it from a discount store ages ago.

Sage Green to sweep on your eyelid
Take it just above the socket line but not much higher
Soften as you go

Step Three
For my second colour Ive gone for a green shade that's just a smidge darker. This is out of the elf  beauty encyclopedia set  Ive used this to go over my eyelid crease line from the outer corner to the middle.
Medium Green as your second colour
Go over your base colour from the outer corner of your eye to the middle
Step Four
My final colour is black which Ive also taken out of the elf beauty encyclopedia set. Ive used this from the outer corners of my eyes, winging the colour slightly although not as much as I normally would and have then brought it to the middle of the eye-all along the lid line and slightly above the socket line.
The final colour black
This will give the smokiness
Work from the outer corner winging very slightly
Step Five
Get a cotton wool bud and soften the edges especially between the three different colours. The idea is that this looks smudged and smoky so ensure it all looks well blended.
Blend, blend blend
Ensure all three colours smudge into each other
Step Six
Take an eye pencil, mine is Dainty Dolls 002 and line underneath your eyes with a fairly thick line.
Use your soft kohl to ring your eyes
Take it just to the outer corner
Step Seven
Apply liner and a flick to your upper lid. Ive used Rimmels new gel eyeliner which I am really loving. Its really easy to use and creates a nice soft flick so perfect for this look.
French flick action
These lines can also be quite thick
Step Eight
Two coats of maybellines colossal mascara to your top lashes finishes off this eye make up.
Use a thickening mascara-you want big lashes
Step Nine
For some subtle face contouring I brush the hollows of my cheeks with some powder blush. This is rose by elf.
To counter balance the strong eye keep blush pale
Paint in those cheekbones
Step ten
Finish with a very pale lipstick. A dark shade will take this look straight into drag queen territory which I'm sometimes well in the mood for but this is more of a glam sophisticated approach. Ive used 005 in his kiss by Dainty doll.
Ignore the temptation for dramatic lips-try pale instead

And there you have it. Dramatic eys, pale lips and lots of glamour.

Dramatic eyes

Pale Lips

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