Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to Make A Big Up Blighty Cat Basket

At Betty Towers I have a much pampered cat called Bandit. He is dismissive, demanding and totally rocks my world. I’ve been on the lookout for a cool cat bed for him for ages. The ones I liked cost a small fortune and the others were ok but not exactly the sort of thing that I wanted dominating my living room.
Finding an old suitcase in a skip recently gave me an idea for a funky bed for the feline yobbo. Depending on how big your suitcase is this project works just as well for a dog bed too.

You will need:
An old suitcase-You will only be using the bottom. Discard the lid.
Foam padding to create a cushion
Plain blue material to cover the cushion
Four bun feet-These can often be found at tips or on discarded TV units but are also available at DIY stores.
Fabric paint in red and white
Screw driver
Red and black Spray paint
Sewing machine (although you can easily sew the cushion cover by hand)
Dust mask
Safety Goggles

Step One
Spray paint the outside of your suitcase and the bun feet. Do this in a well ventilated room wearing a facemask.

Step Two
Measure the length and width of your suitcase and cut your fabric and foam to size (remembering to double up on your fabric and allowing a little extra for seams.

Step Three
Using your fabric paint, adorn your fabric with a huge union jack design.

Step Four
Put on your safety goggles and drill four holes to attach the bun feet to the bottom of the suitcase. Use your screwdriver and screws to secure them. This will keep the bed off the floor and our feline friends out of any draughts.

Step Six
Once your fabric paint has dried sew your cushion cover. For ease of washing simply leave one end hemmed but open and tuck it back into itself like an envelope. You can also add buttons or a zip if you prefer.

Step Seven
 Place the cushion in the suitcase and watch as your beloved pet settles down for a lovely nap in his very cool Britannia bed.

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