Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How To Do A Vintage Style Soft Roller Set

You may remember a few weeks ago the lovely Lilly Von Pink gave a fabulous tutorial on how to make your very own soft rollers. Yes for all you vintage gals who sleep in curlers to get that classic softy waved look you no longer need to wake up with a crick in your neck. 

Now in part two of the series Lilly shows us how to put the rollers in perfectly so we can achieve a Veronica Lake and not an orphan Annie.

You will need:
Rollers (I'm using 15 rollers in a medium size)
Setting Lotion or hair spray (I'm using a liquid hairspray called Finale)
Rat tail Comb
Hair net or head scarf
Lilly looking au natural
Step 1. Section you hair ready for your first roller.Tip* The section should be no wider than the roller
Step 2. Spray the section generously with setting lotion or hair spray
Step 3. Take a roller and wrap the end of the hair around the roller and roll hair until it is tight to your head. Once you are happy take the strap and fasten the loop over the button.Tip* The strap should cover the front of the curl
Like so

Step 4. Continue in a Mohawk type patten I use 5 rollers at this point
Step 5. Start on the side sections and divide into two. Repeat the process you have just used for the middle section.I use 3 rollers on the back section and 2 rollers on the front section by my face
 Step 6. Protect the rollers with a hair net or head scarf

Tip* You can wrap your head in a towel if you want some extra padding

Step 7. In the morning unroll
Step 8. Brush into shape.My hairs very heavy but it gives me a wave, some shape and volume

Step 9. style and enjoy your day xx
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'Lilly's sleep tight hand made pillow rollers' come in sets of 15 to 18 or custom amounts can be made up in various sizes to suit hair length which are available at
If you like the look of Lilly's rollers I have one set to giveaway. Please note fabric may differ in the set you receive
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  1. uh i so wanted to make my own :D well i will cheekily take part in this great give away then :D great tutorial! stunning ladies :D

    1. The winner is picked by random number generator so anyone can enter-good luck lovely x

  2. Would absolutely love to try these on my own hair. Your step by step instructions are the best I've ever seen !

    1. Will pass this feedback to Lilly-she is ace isnt she x

  3. Those rollers look, quite simply, cool!

  4. Eliza Doodle-Bloglovin not letting her comment

  5. Oh wow these look amazing - I had just about given up on wearing rollers at night! Great blog too! :)

  6. Wow! Lily makes this look so easy- I struggle with usual rollers so am happy to be in with a chance of winning this set! x

  7. Ah, thank you Lily for a solution to painful nights! I shall certainly be making some if I don't get to win. Thanks for a great blog, very inspirational!

  8. It's always a pain to roll my hair, so these would be wonderful to have! Thanks for such a great blog and giveaway!

    gagesethsmom [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. I've never tried rolling my hair. My hairs so thick and horrible I don't know if it would work, but I'd love to give it a try!

  10. Love love LOVE these rollers! I've got naturally thick, curly hair so a soft wave is something I lust after but I love my sleep to much to try sleeping in hard rollers, these bad boys may well be the answer!

  11. Ooh, these look a bit brilliant! Love the tutorial, too. I'd like to enter, please!

  12. This is definitely the tutorial I've been looking for. And those rollers look awesome.

  13. I don't know if my hair would be long enough to do that with but I'm still going to enter in the hopes :D

  14. Ohh, I don't normally enter competitions but I do love these! They look perfect! Xx

  15. Sign me up! I would love a set of these.. :0)

  16. Hey, they look awesome!! Im growing my hair so these would be great when its *finally* long enough. x

  17. Wow I think I may have to get a set of these, I always have trouble styling my hair but the tutorial is very helpful :)

  18. Oh, I love curlers you can sleep in!! When I was a teenager (late 60's!) I had to sleep with my head hanging off the bed my curlers were so big! We all wanted long, strait hair! Love this blog!
    Thanks, Dorothy :-D

  19. The best thing to do with your hair when doing housework on the maid's day off??? Put it in rollers and this tutorial really shows you how. Thank you BettyBee xx

  20. The winner of the soft rollers has now been chosen and can be found here:


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