Friday, 23 March 2012

Five For Friday

Its Friday!! Nearly the weekend. Here's a roundup of whats been floating my boat this past seven days. 
From whats been making my dream shopping list (you know the things you would love to buy if money were no option) to whats been entertaining and inspiring me. Make a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy!

Lulu Guinness Pink Lips Suitcase
Well hello beautiful
I thought when I brought my complete set of leopard print luggage last year I would never again yearn for new holdalls. After all I travel a few times a year max and it only gets bashed up in the hold of a plane any way. Sadly my luggage contentment has disappeared after seeing what can only be described as luggage porn from Lulu Guinness. Shiny fuchsia pink  suitcase with lips embossed all over them, when the pictures of these hit my inbox they immediately made me smile. They are truly scrumptious. 
Also available in red and black
They start at a slightly eye watering £195 (and that's for the small one) so my Matalan specials wont be getting replaced any time soon but a girl can dream, oh a girl can dream.

The Little Paris Kitchen - Cooking with Rachel Khoo  Monday BBC2 8pm
The beautiful Rachel Khoo
Last Monday I was idly flicking through the TV channels when I came upon a beautiful looking girl making delicious french inspired food in a kitchen the size of a matchbox. I was instantly hooked especially as I saw she was using fabulous chipped enamel bowls, wasn't wearing shoes and seemed to have a penchant for 1950's style frocks. The Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo is like a Joanne Harries version of  cookery show. The exquisite Khoo (originally from Croydon and still with the accent which is fab)  lives in a tiny but chic Paris apartment and cooks with such joy and informality its impossible not to get swept up in it. 
Her cooking style is as you would imagine for a chef living in Paris, French inspired   (Coc au vin, Madeleines with lemon curd and Spring lamb stew) but is somehow made simple and accessible

Unlike a lot of TV chefs Rachel seems quite normal and natural (cramming things into an overstuffed fridge, having to put up her futon bed so she isn't "cooking in bed) so was a real pleasure to watch.She manages to be utterly charming without resorting to any suggestive spoon licking. I think this may be my new favourite food programme. If you missed the first one catch it on the BBC-iplayer.

Vivienne Westwood  ballet Pumps £85
Petal Pink Ballet Pumps

I have already spied my new spring shoes. These pumps by Vivienne Westwood may look like old school jelly's but having tried them on I can attest to the fact that they are like wearing slippers. 
Loving the black too

Available in a variety of colours I have promised myself a pink pair when I get the next payment from my publishers. On pamper days I need to be able to stay on my feet for hours at a time while I do hair and make up and think a pair of these would serve my tootsies very well.
And staying with all things Westwood it seems the grand dame of fashion has collaborated with Woolmark to produce some lovely designs all made from wool. This clip was released yesterday. As someone who loves a good cardigan I am already drooling.

RapidBrow £37
Help for overpluck disasters

I'm sure there aren't many ladies on the vintage scene who haven't occasionally over plucked their brows. Fear not It seems hope is on the horizon if you have any baldy patches. Rapidbrow is a serum which promises to  "transform weak, uneven, sparse brows into healthier looking and more beautiful brows".It contains  something called Hexatein 2 Complex and takes 60 days to work so is a bit of a commitment (and at £37 isnt cheep) but it may mean the next time you go mad with the tweazerman all hope isn't lost.

Lakeland Crown and Flag Cookie Cutters £2.99
I'm a sucker for a cute cookie cutter.

 My mum recently brought me one in the shape of a Russian doll and now Lakeland have gone all "big up blighty" with these crown and flag shaped cutters. 

Perfect for your jubilee party or just because they are Rule Britannia cool.My little girl likes her sandwiches cut into little shapes so she may well be getting tiny crown butties in her lunchbox very soon.

 This weeks giveaway is a fab set of Lilly Von Pink easy sleep rollers. Please note fabric may differ in the set you receive
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