Friday, 2 March 2012

Five For Friday

This week The first daffodil came up at Betty Bee Towers and is been positively spring like. So with lifted spirits here are five things to kick start your weekend with.

 Chalkboard Skull by I am Home $46
This throws sticking a post it on the fridge into a cocked hat (which would sit quite nicely on this when you think about it) Leaving reminders to pay the gas bill and buy milk has never been so Gothic.

New Dita Von Teese Von Follies lingerie
Dita Von Teeses first solo collection of underwear for Australian company Target has just been revealed. The designs as you would expect are super glamorous and with a large range of sizes I was quite excited until I discovered they are only available in Australia and a lot of the collection has sold out already-booo. Come on England, we want Dita's knickers on our high street.
Dita looking suitably glamorous

Dotty about Dita

I'm a leopard grrrr

Estee Lauder's Mad Men collection and Marilyn Monroe Range for MAC
Its been a bumper week for lovers of vintage inspired beauty goodies.Estee Lauder has launched a Madmen collection featuring lipstick and rouge in lovely retro looking packaging. Its already available in the US so here's hoping they will roll it out to the UK.
More Madmen inspired loveliness
And to add to the make up induced excitement Mac have revealed they will be bringing out a Marilyn Monroe inspired range of make up in October. It will apparently feature up to thirty items including nail varnish and lipstick.Years after her death Monroe still continues to inspire.
Macs Monroe Collection due out this autumn

1936 Vintage Make up tutorial
This month a make up tutorial from the 1930's was unearthed which showed a rather scientific approach to working out how to apply make up.Makeup artists are shown using face-measuring callipers to determine women's  "optimal angles"-hilarious. Thanks to Bella Sugar for the share.

Finally here is my latest way to avoid doing any work. Fashion designer Pamela Thompson's Barbie clothes boutique "The tiny frock shop" sells pre loved Barbie clothes and accessories but photographs them as if they were for Vogue magazine. Its official I now want Barbies wardrobe.
Giving Lady Gaga a run for her money

Vintage Barbie clothes to die for

Click click

Have a great weekend 
This week the  Vintage Cosmetic company have kindly given me a set of their brilliant Connie lashes and eyelash curler for me to giveaway.

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The winner will be chosen via random number generator on Friday the 2nd March 2012

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