Thursday, 29 March 2012

How To Make Easter Egg Candles

Easter is such a good excuse to try your hand at a few crafts. I love creating big displays here at BB Towers and every year they get sillier and sillier.

As I always like to have candles burning in the evening (especially scented ones) I thought it might be nice to make some Easter themed candles and what better than one made from a real egg.

You will need:

Soya wax
Scented oil (geranium is nice for Easter)
Candle glitter
Food colouring
Bowl of water
jar with paint brushes brushes in

Step One

Use a small sharp knife or scissors to make a hole at the top of your egg. Empty it and give it a rinse to get rid of any egg residue.

Step Two

Take your bowl of water and add a few drops of your preferred food colouring. (I did a few different colours)

Stick your egg onto the end of a paintbrush and dip in the water until it is coloured all over. Stand in jar until the eggs are completely dry.

Step Three

Use your scissors to cut a jagged edge around the egg (almost as if a chick has hatched out of it)

Step Four

Place a wick inside each egg

Step Five

Put two cup fulls of soya wax into your jug. Place on a high heat in your microwave for approximately two minutes-caution be very careful when working with hot wax. Use a cloth to take the jug out of the microwave.

Put a few drops of your scented oil in the melted wax and pour into each egg. (I used an empty egg box to sit them in or put them in an egg cup. they need to stay upright.

Step Six
Once they are nearly dry sprinkle some glitter on the top. Snip your wick to size.

Six Seven
Enjoy your lovely scented Easter candles.

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