Monday, 12 March 2012

#Draping: Mad Men Twitter Fun

Its fairly well documented that I'm a Man Men fanatic and Im so excited that the new series starts on March the 25th.

Never needing much of an excuse to waste time on Mad Men related antics when the lovely Kelly from AMC (the makers of Mad Men) got in touch to see if I would like to take part in some pre season silliness I jumped at the chance.
Its called #Draping.The idea is that Mad Men fans recreate the iconic opening credits silhouette that slowly eases into a couch, shot from the back, right arm extended (or, draping, really). And it’s lighting up on Twitter like Roger Sterling on a Lucky Strike.
#Draping 101

Some of the examples already taken are hilarious and I think as the next few weeks go by they will get even sillier.Here are some of my favourites.
Brooklyn Bridge #Draping

Raccoon #Draping

Ronald MacDonald #Draping

Egyptian #Draping

There is something about people from all over the world taking silly pictures of themselves purely because they love the same TV show which really tickles me. I took my first #Draping photo at the weekend. I wanted it to feature a cool part of Liverpool so decided to go to the Queen Victoria monument next to the Law courts.

Betty Bee #Draping

So if you are a bit of a mad men nut the next time you are somewhere interesting take a #Draping picture.I would love to see them. The dafter the better.

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