Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dolly Mixture Clothing

Occasionally an e-mail pops into my inbox which make me do a little jig. I received one such yahoo shaped love bomb last week when the delicious Dolly Mixture Clothing asked me if I would like to review any of their products. Er hell yes was my response.

Now Dolly Mixture are already on my radar for a number of reasons, firstly they aways have really nice collections of retro and rockabilly clothes,shoes and accessories, many of which they design themselves.
Red Heidi Dress-Loving the braces
Plus they also stock lovely brands like Iron Fist and Collectif and they have proper sizes. 14's, 16's 18's, clothes to fit girls like me who eat too many haribos and sit on their bums blogging too much.

Polka Dot Swing dresses-my own personal weakness

After much deliberating (the pink Iron fist ballet pumps with matching bag are to die for) I settled for this super cool "Guns and Roses" cardigan. 
Loving my new cardigan
Its totally up my street. Rockabilly styling that's not too in your face and most importantly offers some good upper arm coverage.  I love it and have worn it pretty much consistently since  it arrived.
Pretty Embroidery on the back
Its so pretty with the delicate embroidered design on the back and down the front. Its soft as a kittens paw and has very dainty buttons (this as you will know is super important, too often you order clothes off the tinterweb and the buttons are just not nice)
Fab motif
Anyway just in case you thought this blog was just me showing off my rather delicious cardigan fear not (you know me better than that) Dolly Mixture are offering all my blog followers a 10% discount which is valid until the 18th of April 2012. just put in the discount code Betty10 when you check out.Happy shopping. 
leopard Love-Grrr
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