Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Classic Half Moon manicure tutorial

There is nothing like a classic vintage style half moon manicure. if like me you struggle to perfect this take a look at my lovely friend Lilly Von Pinks easy guide to perfect paws-the vintage way.
Lilly Von Pink-The best vintage manicurist in the west

You will need:
10 French Manicure stickers
Base and Top coat
Nail Polish (I use 2 different colours as it gives me the deep red I like)
Cotton wool buds
Nail polish Remover
cuticle pusher and cuticle remover (if the cuticle situations really bad)

Step 1
 Remove any old  Nail Polish, File nails to desired shape and push back. Remove cuticles leaving the nail bed clean and clear.

Step 2
Apply Base coat and wait for it to dry a little.

Step 3
Use the french manicure strips  to cover the half moon at the base of the nail as shown below.

 I use Tweezers and it stops the sticker losing its sticky Powers.

Step 4
Apply a layer of Nail Polish (as I use two the first colour I use is Avon Nail wear Pro Midnight Plum)This makes the red I use a deeper colour
Allow that layer to dry a few seconds. 

Step 5
Now Apply the second layer (The second colour I use is Nail inc in a limited edition Chambord french martini)I got it with a bottle Chambord My favourite drink and nail varnish I'm a happy Little Lilly.Leave this layer for a few minutes 

Step 6
Grab the manicure sticker with the tweezers and pull it back towards your hand (not straight up as it may tear the dying Nail Polish)
Step 7
Clean up any run away polish .Apply top coat and leave to dry completely

Happy Hands xx
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