Wednesday, 14 March 2012

All Sewn Up: Book Review

A little while ago I received a twitter message from a girl called Chloe Owens. She was writing a craft book for the same publisher as I'm doing my book for and was just popping in to say hello. I had totally forgotten about it until Cico Books sent me a copy of her book All Sewn Up to review.
All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens published by CICO Books
photographer Claire Richardson
All Sewn up features 35 projects using applique and embroidery and a lovelier book you would struggle to find.

All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens published by CICO Books
photographer Claire Richardson
Now as you can imagine I own and have read a lot of craft books and having just written my own have a great deal of respect for anyone else who does it but I'm not always that inspired by some of the books out there. The projects offered can be a little bit twee or old fashioned or just simply be things I might enjoy making but wouldn't necessarily want in my home.
Chloe Owens
Photograph by Claire Richardson

This book is the total opposite of that. Chloe's personality is evident in every page and throughout every project. From funky eye masks to gorgeous aprons, many of the projects incorporate vintage fabric and all have a quirky design led approach which really appeal to me. The book is also beautifully written. its not over complicated. You feel you could probably knock up most of them in less than a few hours.
One of my favourite projects-The eye mask
photograph by Claire Richardson

Its also a lovely looking book. Real coffee table fodder. The very talented illustrator Gemma Correll  has filled the whole book with birds, butterflies, flowers and cats. All of life's essentials really.
photograph by Claire Richardson
I love it and will definitely be tackling a few of the projects included. I'm thinking the eye mask first. If you would like to see Chloes creations up close a display of her work is currently gracing a massive installation in Jigsaw Spitalfields, 11 Lamb Street in London
Chloes display at Jigsaw

All Sewn up is available to order from Amazon for £9.71
If you fancy getting your hands on a copy I have one to give away.
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