Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vintage Fashion: Why Im A Retro Tart

As regular readers of this blog will know I absolutely love the style and design of the 1950's. If I was forced to wear clothes and hairstyles from only one era it would be this one. I love the patterns, colours and shapes of that decade probably over any other. 
Oh if only I could commit to one era
However whilst I mostly wear clothing influenced by the fifties I am something of a vintage magpie, or retro tart as I like to think of it.

Today I'm pretending to be Rosie the riveter
I look at certain stylish girls who wear clothes only from a certain period with such attention to detail and  va va voom and wish so much I could be like them. I'm like the serial womaniser who longs to settle down with that perfect lady but keeps being tempted by other shiny pretty things.
Red Swing dress. Perfect behind my leopard print bar.
You see while I love the 1950's I also adore some aspects of the 1940s. The land girl look with snood and wide leg pants is a staple of my winter wardrobe. And when I'm at home working on craft projects or being a mama  I often revert to my eighties student look. A cross between the Belle Stars and Bannarama. Quiffed hair, a tea dress over leggings and clumpy brothel creepers.

My eighties student look-tea dress over leggings
I also flirt with SKA and when the mood takes me will wear my Rude Boy hoodie with a black and white checked headband.
Rude Girl Chic
I'm a style misfit, a mish mash of eras all crashing into one wardrobe. Ive recently brought a few of Pearl Lowe's gorgeous 1920's inspired dresses from peacocks so I can go from twenties jazz baby 1940's chic to 80's student in just a few days.
Polka Dotty
I don't think I will ever change and Ive accepted my eclectic ways. Clothes interest and excite me too much for me to stayed tied to one period of time. I'm a true lover of vintage and all the periods of history this incorporates.
I'm a leopard grrrr
I'm a retro tart and proud.Do you stick religiously to one era or like me are you a flitter?

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