Thursday, 9 February 2012

Style Me Vintage, Clothes: Betty Pamper's Book of the Month

Ive been looking forward to the Style Me Vintage book for a while. I follow the writer Naomi Thompson on Twitter and she  is a font of knowledge on all things vintage.

First things first this book is seriously pretty. Its a simply scrumptious coffee table book and is looking quite ravishing here at BB Towers.I admit when it arrived I did a rather girly squeal.
Looks aside though this book is a fantastic introduction to sourcing vintage clothes and putting together looks using clothes from the past. Handily divided into eras its a great quick reference to whats shapes and designs were prevalent at certain points in time and the photographs are really lovely using some seriously gorgeous models including one of my personal faves Fleur De Guerre. 
The lovely Naomi Thompson
This book could easily have became worthy or patronising but is refreshingly relaxed about how you put things together and mixing eras. This isn't about looking like you are going on a World War Two reenactment day its about finding beautiful vintage clothes to wear and enjoy.Naomi offers simple straight forward help to get you started in the world of vintage clothing and whilst she is obviously incredibly switched on about all aspects of buying historic clothes the styling of the photographs and writing in general reflects a love of fashion full stop, regardless of the era. 
Putting the fun into sourcing vintage clothes
As well as guiding you on styles and eras the book also features tips on how to care for vintage clothes, what to avoid, easy ways to date items as well as a great list of labels to look out for and further reading if you decide to delve deeper into this fascinating world.
Definitely my book of the month. Its only £5.99 on Amazon at the moment so adding this to your vintage reference library wont break the bank.
Style Me Vintage: A Guide To Sourcing And Creating Retro Looks by Naomi Thompson 
Published by Pavilion
Available to buy from Amazon

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