Friday, 24 February 2012

Vintage Life Magazine: Recreating Some Jazz Baby Style

Last year we shot a lovely set of pictures with the beautiful burlesque performer Mia Merode and my good friend Lena here at BB Towers. 
Lena smouldering with 1920's chic
They were inspired by silent movie stars of the 20's as we were launching out twenties inspired Vintage pamper days.
Mia looking like she has just stepped out of a silent movie
Some of these images were used in the Burlesque bible and it was fab to see them in this months issue of Vintage Life magazine too which is all about the style and sophistication of the roaring twenties. 

This months Vintage Life magazine with one of our lovely images of  Mia Merode

The double page spread featuring our 1920's photos
It was such a fabulous day. Lilly Von Pink did the make up  and Lena did the hair (Mia had pinned curled hers the night before so it was perfect) we played lots of Billie Holiday and I draped the set with pearls and cocktail glasses. I filmed some of the days events as well so grab a cuppa and take a look and let us transport you back to the days of the Charleston and carmine coloured lips.

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