Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday Brain Fluff

Its Monday, Its freezing. We need warm comforting brain fluff to get us through today. Nothing heavy, nothing too insightful, just a gentle infusion of synapses candy.Hope this helps.

Tim Walker-My New favourite Photographer
I have a new tog crush.The mad as a box of frogs English photographer Tim Walker is a genius with a light meter. If you want to loose an hour of your life indulging in pure photography heaven check out his website.
His photos in last months Italian Vogue are magnificent.
Photo Tim Walker

Photo Tim Walker

New Prada Campaign Spring/Summer 2012
I officially want all the clothes and the cars featured in this trailer. Prada has gone all retrotastic with their latest collection and I am loving it long time.

Ruby Slippers Book Mark
Forget chocolates or naff cuddly bears,this is the kind of valentines gift which would make me very happy indeed. A bookmark which looks like the crushed witches feet from the wizard of Oz twinkling with those lovely ruby slippers. Perfect.Available from the cute Bookmarks etsy store.
Books and shoes-A perfect combination

New Series Of Game Of Thrones
My inner nerd has been made mighty happy by the news that the new series of Game Of Thrones hits our telly boxes in April.Dragons, zombies, sword fighting. All in an average Saturday night in Liverpool.

Madonna Give me All Your Luvin
Madonnas thighs seem to be having a career all of their own. I strongly suspect they have separate management and their own trailer.Proving once and for all that age ain't nothing but a number her Madgeness (and her thighs) are still rocking da house.

Have a great Monday. 

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