Friday, 3 February 2012

Stress of reaching deadlines: Im Having A Brain Snap

I think dear friends I may have been inside the house working on my book for rather too long.
I thought I was handling it all quite well. The isolation, the stress of hitting the deadline. I was sprinting through it like a victory rolled gazelle. Sure Ive felt a little bit more frantic, maybe not as mentally "relaxed" as I would like but in general I thought everything was fine.
Certain "incidents" however suggest otherwise. In the last few days I have done the following:
  • Listened to the Amy Winehouse version of Monkeyman everytime I have made  a cup of tea. Nothing too odd in this you may think but this is done whilst  performing a strange monkey dance waiting for the kettle to boil. This started as a way to entertain myself, to fill the quiet and make myself laugh but has now taken on an almost ritualistic aspect. Without Monkeyman the tea tastes funny.

  • Taken to wearing my pink glasses which have plain glass in them whenever I write. Ive decided they have a special juju and make me write better. The sane part of me knows this is ridiculous, however the crazy woman on a deadline part of me is not prepared to risk it.I brought these glasses at Ripley's Believe it or not in Florida last summer. I half suspect some residual voodoo from all the shrunken heads and human skin drum kits has furnished them with "powers"

These glasses may or may not have special powers
  • Have started to feel a strange affinity and kinship with Dandelion the caged Lion character in Noel Fielding's new show Luxury Comedy. All I need is a tyre on a rope and a framed picture of  David Lee Roth and I'm set.

Better go, time to rattle around the house like the mad Women in the attic. Part Miss Havisham, part Jimmy Kranky (minus the threesome)
On a different note this painting by Frida Kahlo is so fantastic that I want to mount it.
Oh Frida I love you, you monkey loving, muzzy wearing goddess
Normal service will resume shorty .Tally Ho!
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