Monday, 27 February 2012

How To Make A Kindle Cover

As a lover of things from the past, people are often surprised by how much new technology I use in my everyday life. I always think that’s slightly missing the point of being a vintage gal in a modern world. I revel in making the second hand sit perfectly next to shiny new items. This project marries new and old perfectly and takes hardly any time at all to make.
As someone who reads at a frankly scary rate the Kindle has become one of my favourite things. I do however miss the feel of holding a book and also wanted to create something to protect it when I go on journeys or chuck it in my bag.
You can also use this idea to create covers for your i-Pad or mobile phones. Just choose books of the correct size (Penguin books are ideal for i-phones)

You will need

An old hard backed book  (use something cheep and cheerful, no first editions)
A measuring tape
PVA glue
Rivet kit (available from craft shops)
Old wallpaper or wrapping paper
Half a metre of elastic
Stanley knife

Step One

Remove all the pages from inside your book using the Stanley knife

Step Two

If your book has a loose cover which you want to keep glue this down.

Step Three

Measure the inside of each side of your book and cut some wallpaper pieces to fit. Glue these down.

Step Four

Cut four pieces of elastic approximately eight centimetres long

Step Five

You want to create elastic loops at each corner on the back page of your book. These will hold your Kindle in place. Using the hole punch from your Rivet kit create two holes at the edges of each corner (you will need about five cms distance between each)

Step Six

Using the holes you have created hammer the back of a rivet through the book cover. Once this is secure place your elastic on the top of it and hammer another rivet through it to secure it in place. You will need to do this eight times to create elastic loops at each corner. These will keep your kindle in place when you read.

Step Six

You can embellish the inside of your Kindle cover further by using old lace on the spine or sticking a photo or illustration on the inside cover. 

Enjoy creating your very own Trompe-l'œil reading a digital book within a paper one.

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