Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Vintage Cosmetic Company: Getting Lashed

One of the lovely parts of being a blogger is occasionally being sent things to review. Its even better when the things you are sent to review are fabulous. The Vintage Cosmetic company has recently launched with a range of false eyelashes and eyelash curlers so as a full on beauty product junkie when they asked if I would like to give their new range of vintage inspired lashes a whirl I was only too happy to oblige..
The Vintage Cosmetic Company-Girls after my own heart

First off the packaging of these lashes  is to die for and the names of the eyelashes are great. There is  Connie,Betty Kitty, Nancie and Gracie.Big tick for presentation.

I was sent the Connie pack and immediately thought they looked very natural.
I decided to wear them at a vintage pamper day to really put them through their paces. I get very hot and my make up can slightly fade when I teaching and I also don't want something too uncomfortable (which is my main gripe with many false eyelashes)

I tested the Connie lashes
I asked my friend Lilly to apply them. Now I didn't use the glue included in the pack as I rarely find that the glue you get for free with lashes is any good so I can't comment on that. I used Duo glue as I think its the best and it drys so clear.

having them applied
First off the Connie lashes looked really natural. I have fairly long eyelashes already but they made them look even thicker without looking too drag queen like.
All of a flutter
Secondly they were really comfortable. usually at the end of a few hours of wearing lashes I am desperate to rip them off but these were good.
Lashes looking long but not too drag queen like
I think these are fab and will definitely be using them again. My only gripe is that you can't buy them direct from the Vintage cosmetic company but they do have a good list of stockists on their website so shouldn't be too hard to get hold of.

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  1. I've never tried false lashes but would love to give them ago, I'm not sure if I could put them on myself.... not very girly!!! I love the packaging :) x

  2. What a super cool brand! These vintage-inspired lashes look so chic <3

  3. I have never tried false lashes, for some reason they seem pretty expensive to suffer through putting on (said by someone who has never applied them) for one night then have to remove them (which is never discussed in any of the blogs I read so I am not even sure how that happens LOL). I keep saying that I will try them to a special event, though when a special event arives, I don't want to botch it by trying something new.
    But I would love for my opinion to be changed about them, I think they look great.

  4. The great thing about false lashes are they are reusable time and time again, if you store them carefully in the box. I've got two sets of over the top ones but for my wedding at Easter, i plan to buy some like the Connie lashes. My lashes are short and blonde (I get them tinted) so it's nice, and fun to have long, luscious lashes occasionally.

  5. I've tried falsies before but like you, I wanted to rip them off after a couple of hours. Plus I end up with glue all over my eyes and I look ridiculous! I've heard a lot about this Duo adhesive though so I'm going to give that a go.
    You seem to have fab eyelashes anyway but they look lovely.
    Mrs D x
    (I tweeted here if you want to see...!/elenalucie/status/175179097864019968)

  6. Wow they look lovely! I find most false eye lashes too over the top and I end up looking like a drag queen. :-S

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! I can hardly wait to try some. And you are right, the packaging alone is enough to make a girl all excited and happy. Thanks for the pictures and for your honest opinion. The lashes look great on you. ;)

  8. The winner of this competition is Brandy. Congratulations. Pleae send me your address to


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