Thursday, 16 February 2012

Feeling Like Anthea Turner On Steroids

Lately Ive been feeling like Anthea Turner on steroids. Remember when  she made Tracy island for Blue peter and every week she would have various stages of the project made so she could walk us child nerds through the elaborate process, well that's kind of my world right now.

I'm on the big push to get all the craft projects for my handmade wedding book completed. With thirty five to get done and dusted by March speeding up the step by step actual photography is vital. 
Despite the chaotic appearance this is all very logical I promise

Rather than waiting for glue and paint to dry and hold up each photography session while I painstakingly finish each creation I have been making different stages of each project. 

Step One, try not to chop your fingers off

Rather like those posters you used to get of the evolution of man, from ape to human with all the knuckle draggers inbetween Ive been making a craft beginning, middle and end. 
Imagine the craft version of this-welcome to my world
Its meant that on every available surface there are feather and gem encrusted items, glue guns, sequins, fabric and lots and lots of ribbon.
A classic "set up shot"

Ive surprised myself with how quickly Ive adapted to this rather odd way of working and feel confident that should the bottom fall out of this writing malarky I would make a great demonstrator at somewhere like Hobbycraft. Think Fannie Craddock with felt and spray paint.
I will now demonstrate
Anyway I better go now, crafts wait for no women especially on this scale. What craft projects have you guys got on the go at the moment?

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