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How To Craft The Perfect Wedding

Many of you may have got engaged over Christmas and with Valentines day this month bringing many engagements,thousands of couples up and down the land will be planning their big day. As you are reading this blog chances are you are a lover of crafts, and certainly someone who appreciates the joy to be found in the home made.
Strangely as soon as an engagement ring is produced even the most ardent crafters often seem to take leave of their senses and become like bridal robots. Ordering overpriced stationary, taking out second mortgages for flowers, and generally forgetting how their crafting skills are such an asset when preparing for something as costly as a wedding.
With a little thought your wedding can be beautiful and unque
Photography-Betty Bee
Making things for your big day will not only save you money but it guarantees that in a sea of bridal uniformity your big day will be totally unique.
Now no one is suggesting you drive yourself into an early grave attempting to create every aspect of a wedding yourself, that would be madness but consider a few of these simple ideas which take no time at all to make and will ensure your craft stamp goes through your wedding like a stick of rock:
Handmade props can add homemade fun to your big day
Photography-Betty Bee
  •   Hair fascinators. A glue gun, hair comb, a few feathers and you can create beautiful hair adornments for your bridesmaids and flower girls in a few hours. Get them around and make a bridal craft party. Throw in some cocktails and it could even become a mini hen celebration.

Hair fasinators-So easy to make
  •    Cakestand displays. Using cake stands as table centres looks absolutely fabulous and other than sourcing the old plates is as simple as drilling a few holes.
  •  Candles make great wedding favours and can be used to add twinkle to your wedding reception. Fill china cups or make floating candles using soap moulds and then dot them around in water filled glass bowls.

Cakestands make great table centres

  • Name Cards. When creating name cards for your tables you don’t even need to use paper. Collect pebbles from a beach and simply write your guests names on in gold or silver pen. Alternatively bake cupcakes and stick little home made flags in each one using stickers and cocktail sticks. The cakes can be part of your sweet course and will add some pastel coloured decoration to your tables.

Floating Candles can add lovely twinkle to your reception

  • Ensure your female guests dance all night by providing a basket of flip-flops. You can decorate these with rhinestones so they are extra special
  • Bunting is such a doddle to make. The look doesn’t have to be vintage, you can choose any fabric to complement your theme and even attach crystals or beads to the bottom so your entire reception is festooned with sparkle.

Bunting-add some od fashioned chic
As you can see the only limit when it comes to wedding crafting is your imagination. Whether you are the bride to be, chief bridesmaid or mother of the bride lets get crafting and make home made the wedding must have of  2012.
China Tea Cup Candles
 You can find step-by-step instructions on how to make many of the projects mentioned on my How To Make Page


Photography Betty Bee
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