Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Craft Studio: Supplies Clutterbug Strikes Again

Ive always been a bit of an untidy crafter. When I see articles about various creative types who seem able to work from a petal pink studio with nothing but a suitably vintage old school desk and a trendy 1960's chair I am always flooded with feeling of shame at how hideously untidy my work room is.

The kitchen table covered in board and half completed craft projects
It would be no big deal if it was only the studio/office which was a craft induced tip but as the deadline to my craft book inches ever nearer the craft crap is spreading throughout the house like a form of hobbycraft sponsored fungus.
The top of the washing machine covered in boards and used as yet another craft surface
As I write this I have currently got half finished projects on the kitchen table, in the utility room, in the garden and the hall. The studio is such a scary place that my husband and daughter who supposedly share it with me enter only in extreme emergency's. Eyes darting left and right as they wait for a half made bouquet or table centre to crash on their heads.
The utility shelves groaning under cans of paint, plates, sewing machines and wood
Once the big push for my book is over I will take as strange satisfaction from putting everything away, cleaning brushes, putting scraps of fabric in the rag bag, loose buttons in the button tin. It will stay like this for about two weeks when I have to make something else for a magazine or blog feature and then slowly slowly it will start again.
Run for your lives!

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  1. I'm trying to finish my thesis and I'm creating stacks of books and paper everywhere! Books I'm done with aren't making their way back to the shelves, the stacks are just getting moved to other rooms (just to be moved back when I decide I need them again). I'm hoping when I get done I can have a joyful tidy-up for a couple of weeks.

  2. My life is full of half finished day I'll stop procrastinating and just do it! Your blog is fab by the way - saw you in Vintage Life and had to follow you! xx


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