Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the Big Concealer Review

I am always looking out for that magic concealer which will cover up the rings under my eyes. I'm lucky in that my skin is generally quite good but I do get dark rings which are very hard to cover and now that I'm a bit older I have a few fine lines as well, I also have red patches on my nose cheeks and chin. Ive invested in quite a few conclealers over the last year so thought I would review each one for you. I have left one half of my face without foundation or concealer on so you can see the difference.I used all the concealers with a primer underneath so they would glide on smoothly.

Time Balm-The Balm Cult Beauty  £15.50
This concealer has got quite a buzz around it on beauty blogs so was one I asked for in my Christmas stocking. In terms of covering my dark rings it preformed quite well. I looked a little fresher. It was quite drying though so definitely needs applying over primer or moisturiser under your eyes to prevent dragging.The side on which I'm holding the box is the side I used it on and you can see its evened out my red cheeks and side of my nose quite well. Not really made much of an impact on the under eye circles though. Not the wonder product I thought it would be and quite expensive.
Betty Score 3/5
Time Balm-If I could turn back time I probably wouldn't have brought it.

Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer £13.50  
Mac products are universally loved by those in the know and this concealer ranks high on various review sites. Its got quite  a thick almost pan stick texture so did slightly sit in the lines under my eyes.It did smooth out all my facial redness though and noticeably lightened under my eyes. Good product but not crazy about the texture.Would probably work well on younger skin and would be great at covering up spots
Betty Score 3/5
Mac-Good Coverage but quite thick

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer £7
This concealer is marketed more as a radiance and anti fatigue type concealer rather than a straight forward cover up. Its got a lovely thin consistency so no dragging under the eyes and it definitely made my skin look more even and softened the rings under my eyes. My only slight moan is that it doesn't respond well to be "worked" a lot by which I mean you need to get it blended in fast or it starts to go a bit powdery Its a bargain at £7  though so a great budget concealer.
Betty Score  4/5
Bourjois-A thrifty little wonder

Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour £7
I am already a massive fan of the Maybelline mousse foundation and this concealer by them is a total wonder. Its thin enough that it doesn't drag the delicate skin under your eyes, doesn't sit in fine lines but offers really high coverage. I'm a total convert and think it blows its more expensive competitors out of the window.
Betty Score 5/5
Maybelline-My top pick.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer £17
This is probably one of the most disappointing beauty products I have brought in  a long time. I brought it along with the foundation and corrector after reading rave reviews on a few well respected beauty blogs. It is not creamy in the least. It is so dry it pulls at your skin and goes horribly chalky. I tried mixing it with a little moisturiser but the end result was always flaky and patchy. I passed it onto my friend Lena who has skin as soft as  a kittens paw and she also found it horribly drying.
Betty Score 1/5
Bobbi-Brown. I'm smiling in the picture but inside I'm weeping at the money wasted.

Please note I have received no payment or samples. This review is simply my opinion. My skin type is normal. I used Loreals Studio Secrets Primer under each concealer and applied them with a brush.

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  1. I think I'll be heading to Boots at lunchtime to pick up some of the Maybeline!! Xx

    1. Hope its as good for you as it works for me xx

  2. Boots No. 7 Instant Radiance Concealer is the one I buy over and over. I'm a pale fish and it's one of the only ones that blends in beautifully without dragging. Usually around £13-14 but because Boots hand out so many £5 off No. 7 vouchers I've never paid more than £9 for it. Highly recommended!

    1. ooh will have to try this. Thanks for the tip xx

  3. What a wonderful post, I'm concealer obsessed too, always on the hunt for a good undereye bag fixer, yet to find my perfect wonder product though! Collection 2000's concealer cream is a real surprise product but it can get a little stuck in fine lines. I use Mac's select cover up mixed with eye cream as i find that dries out quite bad too. I'll be sure to give the Maybelline one a go though, always like a good recommendation so thank you for a great set of reviews! Xx

  4. I'm a Benefit Boi-ing or Erase paste gal myself - but the Maybelline one does look good!

    1. ooh havent tried either of those-I sense another concealer purchase coming on ha ha


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