Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Upcycling: Turning my friends into skip rats

I'm onto the second stage of writing my book The Handmade Wedding and busy assembling materials for my next batch of projects. 
As a passionate recycler my personal facebook page is starting to look like my own version of free cycle as I beg, borrow and generally harangue my friends for help amassing all the things I need.
Queen Blagger
They don't let me down though. My friend Lena is particularly good at finding me stuff, even old craft books whist Lilly Von Pinks house is a veritable treasure trove for props and weird odds and ends (need a nineteen twenties style phone, ask Lilly, need old fashioned trifle pudding bowls ask Lilly) Ive even got my mum at it and she has become a dab hand at sourcing china cups and plates for me. 
Helping me feed my need for the pre loved
My blagging shout outs hit gold yesterday.I needed a lamp stand for a particular project and asked if anyone could help. The next morning one of my friends Jenny spied the very thing in a local auction house for the princely sum of two pounds, took a pic and uploaded it for me. Ive been after one of these for a few weeks now as I don't need a new one far from it I need an old knackered one which I can tart up so really didn't want to spend a fortune.The one Jenny found was perfect and Ive now brought it. Hurrah for my friends becoming honorary skip rats-all in the name of crafts.
To the untrained eye nothing to get excited about-to me its craft gold
Do your friends and family look out for vintage finds for you? Whats your finders fee. Cake, Wine, or do you do swaps?

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  1. Yep I'm always on the lookout - my Mum is particularly good too. She likes those little bud vases ( 50s / 60s ) and has about 30 all different colours . So I'm always looking out for them. I have a few friends who are into this and we know what we all like so that works well!

  2. I wish l had access to something like that when l was getting married. There is so much to plan its difficult to find the time to go off and source ideas, so having them in one place would be a bonus. And people always want that personal touch..and to save a few pennies, too! Almost makes me wish l was getting married again!

  3. I have my family armed and ready to collect things they were going to throw out....spare buttons, cord handles off bags and this Christmas it was the ribbons off the crackers.....waste not want not :)

  4. Oh I professional skip rat, i'm always finding things in the skip on our estate, i've practically furnished my living room from, it's amazing what people just chuck away.


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