Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

I love the start of a new year. Fresh starts, new beginnings I feel all tingly in anticipation of what the next twelve months will bring.
Bringing you my mission statement
Like a lot of people  I used to make a list of resolutions on New years eve. These more often than not were vows to get thinner, fitter, tidier, just to be a better version of me. Perhaps inevitably I could never keep to these being by nature a sedately cake loving slattern.
Nowadays I prepare a mission statement. A list of what I want to do and where I want to be. Some of it is practical, some of them are dreams, some of them are things I want to cut out of my life (please note we are not talking about food here) as well as things I want to add (yet again we are not talking cake oh ok maybe slightly)
Here are three of the things I am putting on this years mission statement:

Quality Over Quantity
I will stop saying yes to everything
If you read my rundown of what I did over 2011 you may have gathered I have a tendency to pack a lot into my life. My excitement at getting involved in creative projects sees all good sense fly out the window and I can find myself juggling far to many balls in the air. 
Whilst this approach has led to having some amazing experiences and meeting some wonderful people who have become good friends it has at points left me feeling slightly scattered and overwhelmed. I worry that I'm doing five things averagely rather than two things well. With this in mind my watchword for 2012 is quality over quantity. I am cutting back on some of my many hobbies and obligations so I can really concentrate on making what I do the best it can be. I will ignore all but the juiciest dangling carrots and learn to sat NO. You heard it here first.

Write, Write And Write Some More

Writing like my life depended on it
I kick off this year with my first books deadline looming. If ever there was an example of a mission statement working its magic its the fact that seven months after noting that I wanted to up the ante on my writing and get a book deal I got one. See hard work and perseverance really do pay off. I have two other projects already in the mix, one is a novel and one is something else entirely and I would love to have both in some kind of shape by the end of 2012.
Part of the reason I write so much for my blog is that I think writing is like a muscle, you need to exercise it. I also find if I go for a few days without writing my brain box becomes so full of ideas and thoughts I feel my head might explode. 
I keep a journal as well and various notebooks full of scribbles, lists of things I like, quotes that inspire me. I think its important nowadays when we are bombarded with other peoples ideas of how we should be and look  that we preserve as much of our own individuality as possible This is my main way of remaining myself, unaffected by all the white noise. Tapping on the keys like a maniac in the dead of night.

Don't Let Anyone Rain On My Parade

Im geting all Streisand on your ass
Its a sad fact that there is something inherently British about wanting to see people exposed as phonies or "put in their place" We still feel slightly uncomfortable celebrating our successes and being viewed as big headed or conceited. I read an interview with Chrissie Hynde years ago where she said how whenever she told people she was vegan they would instinctively look at her shoes to see if they were leather.Desperate to prove she wasn't the real deal. 
I don't think you have to be a rock star to encounter this. Whenever someone attempts to do something out of the ordinary it can upset the apple cart and make the people in your life behave in a less than supportive way. 
I'm lucky that for the most part my friends and family are tremendous. They help and support me in my many crazy ventures and are always on hand to offer me a water proof shoulder when things go wrong.

I have sadly also encountered some quite negative behaviour, predominately from acquaintances who seem to somehow be annoyed when your life looks to be going well. They are what I call "the balloon poppers" waiting with a big pin to stick it in and burst all your hopes and dreams. As I get older I have come to loathe these types of people and more than ever will continue in 2012 to give them the swerve. 
The Internet seems to have bred a strange cruelty in all of us and its become so easy to mock or be dismissive to someone from behind the relative anonymity of your computer screen.If you let these trolls stop you achieving what you want then they are basically controlling you and do we want someone with greasy hair,egg down the front of their cardigan and bogeys on their laptop telling you how you should and shouldn't behave? I don't think so.

I have of course put lots of practical and impractical things on my list as well including:
Paint my kitchen the colour of a pink sari

Watch Brian Cox's Secrets of the universe and really understand it

Create a Marie Antoinette wig including a galleon ship 

And much more besides. Did you make any resolutions? care to share?

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