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Profile of a Pin Up Photographer: A Rock n Roll Artist

I recently posted one of Nick Beedles designs on my twitter feed and the reaction was immense. As well as being an amazing pin up photographer Nicks design work is increasingly in demand. As he also happens to be mega handsome and my husband I thought I should show you some of his lovely work.
Nick Beedles, Photographer and artist extraordinaire
Mister Bee works predominantly as a photographer and his work has featured in everything from the Observer, Empire magazine, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and last year one of his rather lovely 1920's inspired portraits of Dani California was featured in the Burlesque bible.
Burlesque Bible One of the many places Nicks work has featured.
Dani California in The Burlesque Bible
Over the years Nick has also worked on ads for loads of cool companies including Vivien of Holloway and Sony PlayStation and his work is regularly featured in Vintage Life. He is quite simply the master of lighting, able to create a mood or a look with a few tweaks of a redhead and his ability to use natural light when shooting on location is second to none. 

Last tears Vivien of Holloway advert
His forte is probably portraiture and it is this work which has taken him all over the world photographing the likes of  Jet Li and Keifer Sutherland. His work on unique and vintage inspired weddings is also massively in demand and he is the first port of call for any couple in the North West wanting something slightly edgier but still beautiful for their big day.
Followers of this blog will already be familiar with his retro inspired pin up work as he works alongside me and Lilly at the Vintage Pamper Box. His  cheesecake work is particularly lovely and he photographs hundreds of women every year looking like 1950's sirens.If you are one of the many women who has never seen a decent photograph of yourself or can't imagine ever looking glamorous and beautiful book a photo session with Nick. 
1950's inspired pin up work
As well as photography Nick is also a talented artist and has always been involved in design.This was very lucky for me when I needed branding and tee-shirts for my Burlesque and Rock n Roll events The Cherry Lounge and Bopalena. Nick designed all the posters, flyer's and of course tee-shirts. Coming up with fresh designs for each event.
Flyer for Burlesque night The Cherry Lounge

The first Cherry Lounge Tee shirt-A limited edition run which sold out in weeks
These tee shirts continue to be a big sellers even though the nights hung up their tassel's quite a while ago. 

Burlesque legend Millie Dollar modelling a Cherry Lounge Tee shirt

With so many tee-shirts sold its always surprising where we see them  and it made our night when we went to see Imelda May in Manchester and one of her band was wearing one of Nicks designs. They get everywhere!
Go Imelda

Rockin the Cherry Lounge Tee
Nicks style is part rock n roll rebel,part tattoo inspired with a recurring theme of fifties style girls with dangerous curves.


The Bopalena Tee-Shirt created for last years Rock n Roll and Burlesque all dayer remains a popular choice and is a classic Nick Beedles design. Huge victory rolls, big flames,red hot curves.
Working with like minded performers and companies is something Nick particularly enjoys and he has created some fabulous logos and tee shirt designs over the past few months.
Logo for the fab fast Eddie and the Jive machine

Tour Poster for Furious

Art work for the delectable Pin ups in Pinnies

And of course he designs all the Vintage Pamper Boxes  marketing materials

And a cartoon version of me!
His latest design is for a wonderful company called Kiss and Bake Up and is one of my all time favourite of his.
Kiss and Bake Up
This year has seen Nick design his first album cover and he is currently working on promotional materials for Sony PlayStation's new Vita console so life is pretty busy for this talented Rock n Roller.
Album cover for the soon to be released fast Eddie and the Jive machine album
If you would like to discuss commissioning a design from Nick or would like to order a tee shirt he can be contacted here
For  photography enquiry's check out

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