Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pillow Rollers: Vintage Beauty Tutorial

My Vintage Pamperbox partner in glam Lilly Von Pink is always trying out new hair and beauty techniques especially ones from the thirties onwards. She was telling me about "Pillow Rollers" recently and I was instantly intrigued and thought you would be too.Here is her fab tutorial.
Lilly-Queen of the Vintage beauty tutorial
Pillow rollers are soft fabric rollers that can be slept in. I love them because I hate being uncomfortable and can’t find rollers in the size I want, plus sponge rollers make my hair curl too tight and go frizzy so I can't make them a large as I want.
As well as being comfortable and creating a fab curl, pillow rollers can also be thrown in the washing machine on a thirty degree wash and I love things that are easily cleaned
This Pattern will make a medium roller if you use heated rollers it the same size as a medium heated roller.

Ribbon (very thin)
Stuffing (I used a old pillow)
Buttons (I use old shirt buttons)
Sewing machine or needle and thread

1) Cut fabric to size using the pattern provided. I have very long thick hair so I made 18 rollers

2) Fold in half length ways and pin down the open edge and sew I’m lazy so I use a sewing machine.

3) Concertina one end pin and stitch

4) Turn roller inside out so your seams are now on the inside (I find using a pair of scissors helps to push the fabric back in on itself)

5) Now it’s time to stuff the roller I’m using the insides of an old pillow. First determine the middle point of the roller will be (I just fold it in half and mark it) 

Now take the stuffing and pack the roller until its half full. The roller should be soft but still hold its shape.

6) Make sure the stuffing is packed in and pin the half way point of the roller and stitch.

7) Now take the ribbon cut it in to approx 3 inch and form a loop

8) Insert the looped ribbon and pin in place and sew in place (I stitch it a few times for strength) I also taper the ends to make the look pretty but that’s just 

9) Last but not least on the other end of the roller (the stuffed end) sew a button on.

Yes it looks a bit dodgy but works a treat

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