Monday, 23 January 2012

Love Bombing: In Grips We Trust

Dropping Da Love Bomb 
Last week I sent an e-mail to another blogger just to tell them how inspiring I found their work. I don't know them, don't want to be their friend or be on their blog I simply wanted to let them know that what they do inspires me and makes me happy.
I call this "dropping da love bomb" Its a really good habit to get into. If someone does something that you like, tell them. If a shop gives good service, a meal at a restaurant is particularly delicious or somebody performs a random act of kindness which impresses you then drop "Da love bomb" on their house.
As I came up with the concept of "da love bomb" there are few rules namely:
  • Don't drop a love bomb in the hope of gaining something. That's being a creepy bum lick and is something entirely different.
  • Don't drop a love bomb and expect the person to respond, That's not the point of a love bomb. You send your love off into the sky like a heart shaped balloon. Its not coming back. Bombs travel forward-they don't return.
  • Don't be surprised if your love bomb is greeted with suspicion. Few people do anything nowadays without an agenda.  Its why award ceremonies like the Pride of Britain are so popular. being selfless or acknowledging others is sadly not the norm.
Sending a Love Bomb into the air-Image by Bansky

So if you are unlikely to receive thanks, cant expect to even get an acknowledgement and certainly cant drop a love bomb in the hope of getting something back why do it?
Why? because you do get something back. It feels ace to tell a fab photographer you saw their recent exhibition and it rocked, or the local green grocer that their carrots made your Christmas dinner, or  a girl in the supermarket that her dress is amazing. It spreads a tiny amount of happiness onto the toast of life.
Sending love bombs doesn't replace having a healthy cynicism, a black sense of humour or enjoying a good bitch, no no no.You may only press the button on your Love Bombs once in a blue moon, you have to be in a very particular frame of mind to do it. 
Press the button. Image by Banksy
The idea is give praise where praise is due and if you are very lucky someone occasionally may send one your way. Perhaps when you are having the day from hell. You have laddered your tights, gone overdrawn, dented your car, its all gone to rat shit and you get a little facebook message,text or a card and suddenly every things groovy.
I realised this was the right blog to start the week with when I went to have a little look on youtube for a song with Lovebomb in the title. I found the campest song by a welsh glam rock group called Tigertailz. Totally mental straddling a pink "LoveBomb" perfection!

So my lovely readers lets fill the air with Love Bombs. To get you started I have got the nicest giveaway this week. In Grips We Trust is the cutest little etsy store which sells beautiful bobby pin boxes with pictures of old Hollywood stars on them. They come with hair grips contained and are my new favourite thing. I have the Bette Davies box (of course) 
I adore my hair pin box
Gina from In Grips We Trust has kindly donated a victory roll box to give to one of my lucky blog readers and entering couldn't be easier:

You could win this fab little box full of hair grips
To enter
  • Join this blog if you haven't already
  • Spread the good word about this giveaway on Twitter, FB, your blog, or whatever choice of social media you prefer
  • Leave a comment on this post.
The winner will be chosen via random number generator on Friday the 27th January 2012

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  1. What a cheery Monday post! It's a great idea, I've started using 'the eBay effect' for online purchases - emailing companies to say how brilliant the service was if they don't have a feedback form. In a world of terrible customer service, the good guys really deserve it. Bloggers are providing a service too of sorts, so the great ones should be told so!

    The best book I have read about random acts of kindness was 'Join Me' by Danny Wallace. Had me falling off my chair with the giggles, too!

    1. Anna Ive never read that Danny Wallace book but will check it out. You have also won the In grips we trust box please send your address to

  2. Cute post :) And I'm entering, tweeting, facebooking! I'd love those red grips, hiding black ones in red hair isn't easy ;)

  3. I whole-heartedly believe in dropping love-bombs :) For years I've followed the logic that giving at least one genuine compliment a week will not only make a stranger happy at least for a little while, but will keep you feeling good too :)

    Last week at the Perth Tattoo Convention, I felt quite overwhelmed (as I normally do at conventioned) - surrounded by amazing, inspiring people creating fantastic art, people who have dedicated their bodies to it, and people who appreciate it in all forms. I, being a small 20 year old who is not heavily tattooed, have a fair few facial piercings, and was dressed demurely in comparison to some of the amazing eyecatching pretty clothes others were in, and felt almost close to tears that a lovely girl picked me out of the sea of colour to ask if she could photograph me because she loved the symmetry in my piercings and said I looked adorable - I was practically skipping for the whole weekend! xo

    1. Thats a fab story thanks you looked fab x

  4. I totally approve of this idea! I made a really good friend just from sending him a random message to say how much I enjoyed his DJ set.

    Complements and good manners cost nothing :)

  5. I've just sent the link to the Tigertailz boys who will LOVE this!

    I love the sentiment, the whole "pay if forward" thing and I firmly believe in it.

    Nice one Betty :-D

    1. I woud love it if Tigertailz saw this. i saw them play at Rock city in Nottingham years ago andthey rocked !!

  6. I'm always dropping Love Bombs on people and they often look at me like I'm mental!
    (P.S. A bit of love for Betty Bee featured on my blog not so long ago)
    Have tweeted a link to your comp @BunnTheBaker

    1. Thaks for the linky love Ali. Love your blog xx

  7. I aways try to drop a Love Bomb everyday.... it makes me feel good to pass on positive feeling rather then bitching! Like AliBunn some people do look at me like I'm crazy!!! It won't stop me telling people they look nice or have a nice figure.... I'm just waiting for the love to return!!! x

  8. hello betty
    Came over from rainsdrops. First visit. Just been having a peek at your blog. Love british vintage and the photos!!!.
    Have mentioned you on FB, and will follow!
    We have linky party on the 1st too.
    Cheerio, lesley

  9. This is something I love to do, I haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed my praise yet :)I also spread the love by letting cars out on your journey and giving everyone a smile. Have you heard of WeAreWhatWeDo and their action tracker? They are all about things like this and are my mini bible :)

    1. ooh no I hadnt heard of them-thanks for the tip xx

  10. I got 'loved-bombed' the other day. A photo of me at the Matthew St festival turned-up on facebook posted by a complete stranger. it said, "don't know who this girl was but she looked great!" A friend of a friend tagged me! I never felt so good!!!
    shared via FB - I'm after the grips too!!! ;-)

  11. I love your blog and this is a lovely post, I think I shall try 'love-bombing' more often :)
    The grip box is gorgeous, so I have followed your blog and liked you on facebook. Fingers crossed!! :)

  12. I always feel a bit awkward when love bombing like people will think I am freak but often will think nice things about people! I will try to have the confidence to do this more!

  13. Am loving how many lovely responses this blog has had. Its obviously an idea which resonates with lots of you. Happy Love bombing you gorgeous lot!
    The winner of the In Grips we trust box is Anna @ Miss Beatrix
    Anna please send your address to


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