Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How To Beat The Post Christmas Blues

I wont lie, Ive not been looking forward today. Ive just spent the most glorious two weeks off with my family and the thought of getting back on the treadmill (even if my treadmill does consist of me me working from my very lovely home) has made me get that awful first day back at school feeling.
I think today is just something we collectively all need to get through. As lovely as its been lying on the couch eating quality street and watching Harry Potter films the bills have to be paid and normal life must resume.
Here is how Ive decided I'm going to cope with the post Christmas blues.

Make like Rosie Riveter
Lets beat the first day back blues together-We can do it!
You didn't find women in the second world war mooning about and sighing theatrically because they had to go back to work. They were too busy keeping the home fires burning and rubbing gravy powder on their legs in lieu of stockings. With this in mind I will be wearing my spotty bandanna and red lipstick in homage to those no fuss mamas. If I look the part I'm sure to feel it.Never underestimate the power of red lippy.

Starting the day with a massive tune
I know that I need to stage manage the beginning of my day with the cunning of a grumpy, mince pie bloated fox. Music always puts a smile on my dial so I have already set up the first track I will listen to when I wake up. The gloriously bonkers Tusk by Fleetwood Mac will drag me kicking and screaming into a better mood whether I like it or not. Who can be miserable when 70's legends are wafting around in top hats making monkey noises? not I.

Packed Lunch Of Love
Today is not the day to be hungry-even if your waistband is too tight
After two weeks of constant eating many decide today should be a day of meagre portions and diet coke. Don't do this to yourself, it will only compound the misery. Instead treat yourself to something delicious and comforting. Ive planned homemade butternut squash soup which I will be eating whilst reading Russell Brands Booky Wook 2 (at least one of my five a day with a side dish of entertaining promiscuity-Mr Brands not mine you understand) 
I will almost certainly  be factoring in a hot chocolate with marshmallows at around 3pm as well. I understand that the gluttony of Yuletide has to stop but a few culinary cuddles on today of all days is I think essential.

Charles Dickens To the Rescue
Full on Victorian melodrama-the perfect foil for any post Christmas blues
Ive saved the recent adaptation of Charles Dickens Great Expectations on the Sky Plus specifically for tonight. I plan to light some candles, burn some geranium oil and immerse myself in the delicious madness of Miss Havesham. It will end my day on the kind of Gothic dramatic note I love and kick the bejesus out of any lingering feelings of flatness that might creep in.

I hope your first day back after the Christmas break whether it was today or you have been back a while is a good one, and after all its a short week.

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