Monday, 30 January 2012

whole body hyperthermia at the FachKlinik: Keeping The Faith

Today I wanted to tell you about my lovely friend Jenny Roberts.
I first met Jenny a few years ago when myself and my husband photographed her wedding to the lovely Andy.

Jenny and Andy on their wedding day
I instantly loved Jenny. Like me she is a nut about all things 1920's, is a total beauty product junkie and loves a good chat over a cuppa.

Going all Lauren Bacall at a vintage pamper day
I knew that when she got married she was recovering from bowel cancer and was amazed at how she took in her stride what had obviously been a tough old time. 
Ive since seen Jenny a few times and of course conversed over the wacky world that is facebook. She came to one of my Vintage pamper days and totally rocked the Lauren Bacall look and popped over last year to buy one of my cakestands bringing along her gorgeous dog Moo.

Life's kicked Jenny and Andy in the ass a bit recently with the cancer returning to her lungs and liver. Never one to quit Jenny is currently undergoing a course of treatment called whole body hyperthermia at the FachKlinik, a specialist hospital in Hessen, Germany.

Carried out by cancer specialist Dr Alexander Herzog, the process, delivered in conjunction with chemotherapy, helps treat cancer and boost the immune system by raising the body temperature to 107–108°F.
Jenny in Germany
Now my medical knowledge is mainly gleaned from old episodes of ER and Greys Anatomy so that means nothing to me but apparently this Dr Herzog is the Yoda of the cancer treatment world. Jedi Cancer masters don't come cheep and the first stage of treatment has cost £14000. This has gone well but now Jenny's family need to raise the same amount again.
Jenny's friends and family are a determined lot and have whipped themselves into a frenzy of charity events everything from quiz nights to bag packing sessions at Tescos.They run a facebook page called "Keep The Faith" and whenever things are looking particularly sticky for Jenny she will get hundreds of KTF messages popping up on the page. 
So my post today is asking you guys to join me in helping Jenny and her fab husband Andy "Keep The Faith" by making a small donation.
Yes I know we are all skint and you don't even know Jenny and you only came onto my blog to listen to me chat shit about victory rolls and lipstick but if you regularly visit Tales from Betty Bee Towers you know me and you also know that I never use this twinkly little blog of loveliness to hustle. This dear friends is an exception. Jenny is a girl, like us, a cool vintage botherer who swoons over eyeshadow and forces her husband to watch Downton Abbey.She is part of the sisterhood and this is a call to arms.
Even if its only a few quid that's fine, in fact that's more than fine thats great. 
You can donate sing this link 

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  1. I am severely skint, but this is something that touches very close to home. My grampa, who was such a big part of my life and taught me everything I know, from right and wrong to how to build a sofa fort, suffered from lung cancer and passed away when I was 12. I'll be donating to the cause, because if it helps this inspirational, amazing woman beat cancer, it's score one for us and one down for that awful disease. We need more people like her, full of vitality and a lust for life. xxx

    1. Hi Ami thanks so much for sharing about your grampa and for donating to help Jen. It means the word xx

  2. I shall keep it simple - firstly I am sorry for yours AmiiScarlet and anyone else's loss to this awful disease. Secondly - Betty thank you once again for your kindness and support. You know me so well (Downton & red Lippy!) Love lots x x x x x x

    1. Hi Jenny. You are most welcome you lovely strumpet. Thanks to your gorgeous husband bogging like a demon I feel I have been with you a tiny bit every step of the way and as usual you are taking my breath away with how brave and fearless you are being. Its not an easy road but with your trusty jockstrap by your side I feel sure you will get through this. Sending big love from Wecca xx

  3. I'm skint but this is a touching story & I'll give what I can :) x

    1. Thanks Josie. it means the world x


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