Friday, 20 January 2012

Five For Friday

Well its been just under a week since I came back from my holiday and to be honest the cold weather has been pretty depressing. Here are some of the thing which have made made it slightly more enjoyable.

Gala Darlings Blog
Most of you will already be familiar with the Rock n Roll Bride blog. Whether or not you are planning a wedding it always have amazing creative features and editorials so well worth a peak. Its through Rock n Roll Bride that I found Gala Darling. I love this blog and here is one of the many reasons why. This clip is hilarious

Cool LA Apartment by Topsy Design
I found this picture on the etsy blog. Its a fabulous apartment designed by Jared Frank and Sam Jacober the talent behind Topsy Design. With the weather being so cold the thought of living in this fabulously eccentric house in the sunshine of LA has featured a lot this week in my daydreams.
Cool eclectic pad in LA

Collectif Mariella Coat £125
When its this cold one of the few saving graces s that you can drool over winter coats. This lovely leopard number by Imelda Mays fave brand Collectif is on my lust list.
Bourjois Volume fast and protect mascara
My lovely friend Lena brought me this for my birthday-I love it so much I may do a youtube vlog on it but in the meantime its definitely making my five for Friday list.It has a rotating brush which means all your lashes get completely covered and look so long and thick. My favourite beauty product at the moment.
This mascara is amazing

Fabulous Amy Winehouse Cover
I don't know who this duo are (if you do please let me know) but this is just genius. 

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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