Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On: It's all over!

This picture popped up on my facebook feed yesterday and made me laugh out loud.

I had actually used a "Keep Calm And Carry On" style poster for that days blog post and then later in the day whist queueing at the post office I saw shopping bags with "Keep Calm and carry on shopping " emblazoned across them, watering cans with "Keep calm and garden" painted down the side and mugs with "Keep Calm and drink tea"  Yes I thought as much as I still love the original sentiment the "Keep calm and carry on" slogan has had its day. Its original sentiment has been lost and we longer even read the words.Ring the funeral bells, order the flowers Keep Calm and carry on's moment in the sun has passed.
Its all over 
The thing is I loved the initial saying. Life can be stressful and frustrating and irritating and to dig deep and find some of that war time grit can be helpful.What could replace this I wondered? If we are not keeping calm and carrying on are we going to run screaming, being hysterical and giving up?
No we need a new slogan, one which sums up modern life. One which is infused with the same can do spirit as the original one which is just as easy to remember and which will look great on posters and mugs. 
It was my mum who introduced me to my new replacement slogan. Mama Bee is quite eccentric and loves silly sayings. Whilst moaning about something to her recently she chimed in with the following. 
"Don't Sweat The Petty Things, 
Don't Pet The Sweaty Things"

I have decided this slogan is genius. It neatly tells us all to shut the fuck up, take  a chill pill and not waste time on the unimportant.
I'm not petting a sweaty thing-honest
I'm not sure this slogan will be cropping up in interior magazines or on the front of notebooks and do you know what? I'm quite comfortable with that.
Ive taken my new slogan to heart. Yesterday afternoon following a bit of a craft disaster involving spray paint, icy conditions and crockery I ditched the lot, collected my little girl from school and went to the local cafe for hot chocolate. See not sweating the petty things.

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