Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Pamper

I'm keeping today's post short as I'm off to have a pre Christmas pamper. 

Ready for an afternoon of pampering
I found a great deal on the Big Daily Deal website offering an hour long Elemis facial and massage along with a manicure for £17 so me and my good friend Lena are off to be beautified. Its ages since Ive been to a salon for any treatments and I'm so excited.
I will update later on how it all goes.
Ok so I'm back from my Pamper session. It was Divine. the Elemis facial was just so relaxing. My skin was preened, oiled, moisturised and generally made to feel as soft as a kittens paw. The Elemis marine moisturiser smells heavenly.The treatments have left my fringe very greasy so apologies at how rank my hair looks in this photo.

Scary make up free Betty alert. Hopefully you can tell how soft my skin is now.

I also had a shellac manicure. Apparently the shellac nail varnish lasts up to three weeks and as it dries so hard so quickly its less likely to smudge. I chose a festive red colour and love how glossy it looks.
My lovely shiny nails
I have had such a lovely afternoon. It was great t spend time with my lovely friend Lena as well. We caught up, had our treatment, exchanged presents and ate soup. A perfect day in my opinion.

My Beauty Parlour Companion Lena
Tomorrow I'm going to touch up my roots, sort out my brows and then I think I am all ready for Christmas-well as the advert says "every little helps"

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