Saturday, 24 December 2011

Its Christmas Eve!

Its Christmas Eve-Woo hoo!
After all the run up, the shopping, the partying Christmas Eve is finally here. I love Christmas Eve maybe even more than Christmas day. Its got a magical feeling about it and I still feel that old excitement I had as a child. Now I have a little one of my own I am swept up in the excitement and anticipation even more.
Time to walk the penguin
Ive prepared the house for Christmas,the cinnamon scented candles are lit, the presents are wrapped and Ive nothing planned except perhaps a walk to get a hot chocolate at a cafe.
The candles are lit and we are ready for Christmas at BB Towers
As tomorrow will be all about the food I'm going to do a buffet tonight and make some yummy mulled wine.Watch some festive films and let the goodwill fill the house.
No peaking at the presents

Have a fabulous Christmas eve-Hope Santa brings you everything you asked for.
Here is Amy singing I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus to kick start your Christmas eve cheer.

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