Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas One And All

Well the big day is over. I imagine there are  a few sore heads and tight waist bands this morning. My day was absolutely wonderful. I spent most of last years Christmas day in acute pain as I had yet to work out that I am very intolerant to wheat and dairy so a few days of eating foods laden with these ingredients had made me very poorly indeed. This year I cooked a wheat/gluten/meat/dairy free Christmas dinner (and boy did that take some planning and shopping) and had the most delicious meal with no ill side effects. In fact I feel marvellous this morning.
My Cranks Christmas Dinner really hit the spot

I received some really thoughtful gifts including a 1950's pineapple shaped mini ice shaker from my friend Lena
One of my favourite gifts from my friend Lena
 and from Mister Bee (who is the master of the amazing gift)  an Alice in wonderland cushion (one of my favourite books) which says "sometimes Ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast" quite apt for someone like me who is always cooking up plans and ideas, often which are quite bizarre.
My fab Alice cushion
and my favourite gift a mug with "Don't rain on my parade" on it (one of my favourite Barbra Streisand songs and a saying I am rather partial to) 

Sing it from the rooftops

Like most of the nation my day included loads of TV. Highlights had to be Doctor Who and Downton Abbey although I admit feeling a bit bored by Absolutely Fabulous and my five year old found the Gruffalo's Child dull.I think we are all looking forward to giving our square eyes a rest today.

Downton Abbey was a cracker

Ive woken up to a million e-mails from companies telling me about their fantastic sales. 
I think I will be giving the sales the swerve this year 
Sometimes sales can be quite good but my feeling is that unless you were already planning a purchase which will be drastically reduced perhaps we should all give our wallets a little breather and just spend the last few days of the Christmas break catching up with friends, cooking some restorative food to get us back into the peak of health for new year and chilling out.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas day and a great few days off. How was your day?

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