Friday, 16 December 2011

Five For Friday

Its Friday, its not long until Christmas, here is whats making me feel festive this week.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Corset $195 Purrfect Pineapples
I am so in love with this corset by etsy store Purrfect Pineapples. The deer design is so beautiful and the colours are wonderful. This would definitely be a welcome addition to my underwear drawer.
Too pretty to hide under clothes

Rockalily Mae hem Limited Edition Lipstick £14
How lovely does this colour look
The fabulous Rockalily are launching a brand new shade and by the looks of it this is definitely going to be my next lipstick purchase. Called Mae hem (after the fabulous Mae West) its a bright bold orangey Red colour.
There were some available to buy on the Rockalily Blog last week (so you may still be able to grab one) and its launched fully in the New Year.My love of this brand knows no bounds and Ive written about them before here. I am very much hoping to get this in my Christmas stocking.

This is England 88 Channel 4
This week on TV Ive been glued to This Is England 88
Shane Meadows continues the story of Lol, Woody and Shaun two years on from the last series. Often bleak, but always gripping its a masterclass in acting. So many dramas are full of rubbish dialogue but Meadows is so spare with his scripting that much is left unsaid which makes it very powerful. If you've missed it catch up on 4OD I command you.

New Banksy Sculpture At The Walker Gallery

I wrote this week about how pleased I was that graffiti artist Banksy had painted another wall in Liverpool. Now the walker gallery in Liverpool are exhibiting one of his sculptures. Titled Cardinal Sin the artist has sawn the face of a replica 18th century bust and glued on bathroom tiles so it looks pixellated. The sculpture is apparently a comment on the abuse scandals of the church.Definitely worth a look.

Elvis Presley Santa Claus Is back In Town.
Yesterday was apparently the most popular day for people feeling festive and starting to get into the Christmas spirit. If your bells are yet to jingle maybe the King will get you in the mood.

This weeks giveaway is a beautiful Cameo necklace from the fabulous Razorblade Mermaid

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