Monday, 19 December 2011

Instant Tensor Beauty Review

I've had a terrible cough and cold recently as well as lots of late nights due to various work deadlines so when the lovely Ali from kitty Wink Vintage  asked me to review the instant Tensor cream I jumped at the chance.
Instant Skin Tightening-Oh give me some of that

The packing promises instant skin tightening, tensioning action, as well as eliminating facial stress and enlivening dull tired skins to radiant complexions.

All things my tired old face were very much in need of.
Ali had advised that it was a great treatment to use before a big night out and as I was planning on meeting some friends for Christmas cocktails I decided to give it a go.
Following the instructions I applied it to a freshly cleansed face but didn't add my usual's quite a thin cream so I imagine the tube would go quite far. You leave it for two minutes before putting your make up on.

Apply to clean skin with no other products on
The initial sensation was a little like having one of those peel off face masks on although that lessens after about half an hour. It worked brilliantly under my eyes and made my cheeks look much smoother. I think I put it on slightly too thick as it did go a little bit powdery around the jaw line but it worked well where I had only used a thin application.I'm not particularly wrinkled but do have fine lines under my eyes and they did lessen.
You only need a thin layer
I put my usual foundation on which at the moment is Maybellines dream mousse and my skin looked very soft and line free. I did apply concealer on top and that seemed to lessen the effect so keep your face make up light would be my tip.
Overall I thought it was well worth the £27 price tag and for a facial smoother used for special occasions definitely does the trick. Its a good cross between a filler and a primer. It did make my skin feel slightly tight but wasn't uncomfortable.
Under my eyes looked a bit smoother and my cheeks looked softer

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