Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Banksy's Christmas Gift To Liverpool

One of the things I love to see when I drive into Liverpool is the Banksy Rat Mural on the corner of Chinatown. It always makes me smile and its great to see some modern art proudly displayed on the wall of what was an ugly semi derelict building.

Banksy Rat scurrying about on the corner of Chinatown
So I was delighted to see that the elusive artist has once again graced Liverpool with some of his work. A new mural went up sometime last week and has been featured on Banksy's own website so appears to be authentic.
"Love Plane" an early Christmas gift for the city from Banksy
Showing a sky writing biplane drawing a heart in the smoke its being called "Love Plane" and can be seen at Norwich House next to Rumford Street car Park, opposite the Liverpool War Museum.

An uglier wall you would have struggled to find but now its something cool to look at as you walk by.
I just love the idea of walking past somewhere which is lets be honest quite uninspiring and stumbling on a great piece of art which turns a car park wall into an art gallery.
A tiny slice of art in the concrete car park
Its like when you see flowers popping up in cracks in pavements or at the side of motorways. Something fabulous bursting through the ugliness. Does your city have a Banksy? or any other unauthorised art which far from being ruinous has actually added something?

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