Thursday, 29 December 2011

Vintage Inspired Christmas Presents

Well I'm back at BB Towers after a few lovely days staying at my mums in Nottingham.The weather outside is quite vile. Cold, dark, rain so I'm glad to be inside all cosy, enjoying the last few days of the Christmas break at home. As always I have come back laden with lovely gifts. My mum was a fashion designer when I was little and has a great eye for knowing just what I will like. This year has been no exception. My lovely presents included:

The New Katy Perry perfume Purr. Ive wanted this for ages because I love the bottle so much. the scent is really nice although not terribly strong. Love how this bottle looks on my dressing table.
I also received some fab headphones. My daughter has decided the Pink Skull Candy ones we brought to "share" are now here so she can listen to "her music" on her new i-pod shuffle. So these have arrived just in time.I do love to listen to music when I'm out and about.Must remember not to sing out loud though.
How pretty are these
As I have inherited my love of having candles and incense burning all the time from the Mothership its no surprise that I also received a massive pack of joss sticks-Perfect as I'm nearly out. Whats life without the little treats? Good tea, nice incenses and great music on the record player.
Champak, Sandle Rose-these are the smells of happiness for us children of hippies you know
I'm embarking on a new chapter in my cooking (I'm trying to cook as much wheat and gluten free recipes as possible) so this great folder to store all my new notes and weights and measures in for yummy IBS friendly fare is perfect.
How to make a cake from dust
And having inherited my love of make up and glamour from my very beautiful mum she as usual brought me some great things for my make up bag. I'm loving the Hello Kitty set by Liberty.The compact is also very me as well. I can use it to stare at all the post Christmas spots I will get if I don't stop eating quality street.
This will be great to use when I'm out about-you know to check for lipstick on teeth, bats in the cave, lop sided wig

hello Kitty-You slutty goddess in bed with Liberty now are you?

All these things are lovely and I'm going to have such fun trying them all out. The best part though by far has been catching up with my family who I see so rarely as they live quite far away and of course spending time with my husband and little girl. Its been bliss. Its a  family tradition when I visit my folks at Christmas to always go and see a movie the day after boxing day. This year was Puss in Boots which was hilarious. I have quite a crush on Kitty Soft paws!
Feeling the festive love

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas break and if you are already back in work its not too grim. What have been your favourite gifts this year? Any surprises?

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