Wednesday, 16 November 2011

8 Tips To Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Creativity is a huge part of my life. I have always loved to draw, paint, craft,and write and without some sort of outlet for these things I tend to get grumpy and restless. 
I need a creative outlet
I watched a fabulous documentary recently about George Harrison of the Beatles called Living In The material World. George spent his life on a spiritual and musical quest and surrounded himself with people who inspired him and who he could bounce ideas off. Writers, actors, musicians, comedians, artists all played a part in enriching his artistic nature. 

George Harrison-He kept good company
I found his story interesting and it made me think about how important it is to feed your creative and emotional life and how in this busy world its so easy to fall into routines in both thought and outlook.
It isn't necessarily about creating things yourself (although being inspired to do so can be very rewarding) its about exploring new ideas and concepts and not allowing your brain to turn to mush. Here are some ways I surround myself with inspiration.

Turn off the telly box

Yes I know I just said I found the George Harrison documentary inspiring which was on TV but for me I find too much time in front of the TV just eats away my time leaving me feel mentally stagnant. I'm quite ruthless about what I will watch. Good dramas (my love for Mad Men knows no bounds) great documentaries and I'm not too high brow to enjoys watching celebrity's sashaying across the dance floor in Strictly Come Dancing but I wont watch any "quasi reality" shows or anything which demands huge chunks of my time such as soaps. 
I'm very choosy about what TV I watch
I can't watch I'm a Celebrity for example.The commitment is too huge and the time I spend watching Freddie Starr eating kangaroo testicles could be spent listening to music whilst reading a great book or crafting in front of the fire.I know the TV option will leave me feeling like a zombie whilst the other will make me feel whole. 
Don't live in a cultural cul de sac

One of the most exciting parts of growing up is developing your own sense of taste and style. Knowing what you like and not caring if it isn't every ones cup of tea is so liberating . Its important though to check out other things and go off reservation occasionally.
Feed Your Brain
Whilst I love vintage and crafting I do also try and discover unusual and creative blogs which force me to look at things in a different way or find beauty in something I would have previously dismissed. Sites like Creative Review and Swiss Miss feed my head and it feels good.

Keep Good Company
Surround yourself with inspiring people
Surround yourself with people who you interest and entertain you.Keep your mind and your heart open and you will be amazed at the varied and wonderful people you will meet. I'm a great believer in bringing people from all different walks of life together. I have regular parties at my home and insist that anyone with even a crumb of musical talent brings an instrument so we can make music, sing and just enjoy creating our own entertainment. Its always such good fun and amazing to see what people can do.Be choosy about who you spend time with. If someone is regularly draining and negative don't let them sap your energy. Give them the swerve and save your time for like minded individuals.  
Read Until Your Eyes Bleed

From the time we start school (and sometimes earlier)  we are spoon fed values and given a life view which may in actual fact have nothing to do with your life (to misquote Morrissey) reading books can be a great way to open yourself up to new thoughts and feelings. Seeing things from a different point of view gives you a framework to question your own approach to the world and take on board new ideas.

Have an arsenal of creative kick starts
Whenever I feel my creative juices are just totally dried up and I'm starting to feel like a drone I have a few items which always centre me and make me fizz again. These are not very cool or highbrow but include:

Listening to the song "Delius" by Kate Bush. 

This song has always made me feel especially joyful and floaty.It reminds me of a dream.Written about the obscure British composer Frederick Delius its such a unique song and makes me want to paint.

Reading The Diary Of Freida Kahlo
This journal by the amazing Mexican artist is full of poems, watercolours and tales of her struggles both as an artist and as a woman. I love her work and feel it really speaks to me so this book always resets my creative clock.

Watching Moulin Rouge
I can watch this film again and again and always find something new in it. Its such a visual feast and makes me feel like my insides are made of glitter.

How do you feed your creativity. What inspires you?

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