Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Handmade Wedding: Writing and Crafting

The last week has been absolute chaos at Betty Bee Towers. Ive had my first deadline for my craft book "The handmade Wedding" which I'm writing for Cico books and its fair to say its been hectic.
Although the completed book doesn't need delivering until March I needed to create and write  eight projects for what publishers refer to as the BLAD. 
BLAD stands for "Book layout and design" and basically serves as a taster to book sellers and reviewers.It typically contains a few sample chapters or pages and as my book is all about making things for weddings I have been hot gluing, drilling, sewing,painting and writing like a demon to ensure the eight crafty Hors d'oeuvres I serve up are the best they can be.
Craft, Craft, Craft
I am a total perfectionist and have discarded quite a few projects as I felt they weren't good enough. Ive also been a total pain to my husband who is a professional photographer and does all my product pictures. Mister Bee has the patience of a saint and his photos are always so beautiful-he seems to know whats in my head and turns them into photographs, a very clever man.  
My very clever husband Nick Beedles

After much craft related drama the first eight projects have now been completed and I'm really happy with them. Here is a little sneak preview of just one of my creations, a bird cage veil, with small white doves  (you will have to wait until the book comes out to see more) 
A sneaky peak of one of my projects
As usual my friends have been fabulously supportive over the last few weeks. Lilly Von Pink has brought me craft supplies and helped me pull ideas together when Ive been overwhelmed (she is a very talented crafter so always a good go to person when having arts related melt downs) and the fabulous Bopalena has been a total rock. Offering to come and keep me company, checking in and when my sewing machine broke last week letting me descend on her with only a moments notice (she even helped me sew and made me herbal tea) so thanks girls.
Team PamperBox-Bopalena and Lilly.These ladies rock my world
I'm off to do a Vintage Pamper event today so have hit the pause button on crafts Boot camp for a few days. Hoping to be slightly more zen whilst completing the rest of the book-time will tell.
Have a great weekend.

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