Thursday, 3 November 2011

Queen Elizabeth II: My Crush On Queenie

Ive never been what you could describe as a Royal Botherer. Maybe as a result of my left wing parents Ive never brought in to the obsession with the Windsors. Sure as a kid I loved princess Di's sailor suit and the street party knees up we had when her and Charles tied the knot but other than to cast an occasional snort at Princess Anne's bad hair they hold little interest. 

My Tea cosy features an Andy Warhol take on the queen

Except, well except I am slightly obsessed with the Queen. Not just the Queen but the queen as a young woman, and it doesn't end there I am quite taken by her Father and his parents. 
Its started with a mug-well whats the harm?

it started off with a little thing. A coronation cup with the Queen on, looking immaculate with her rolled hair and dainty tiara, then it was tea tray (well it matched, it would have been rude not to) and then one day I realised I had amassed quite a collection of Royalty related trinkets.
then I brought this tray-well its so preety
Then an egg cup
Even my attempt to be punk rock features the Queen (with a safety pin in her nose) 
My framed Sex pistols picture also features the queen

How my grandfather who was a trotskyite writer would be turning in his grave and my socialist Irish ancestors would no doubt disown me but the girl can't help it. 
Then another cup-this time with her father on

I even designed some cushions and homewares for my boutique with her image on last year.I give in. I am a non Royalist Queen obsessive. Lets clink our Coronation cups together and salute her Majesty

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