Thursday, 17 November 2011

How To Make A Rose Petal Jam Jar Candle

I love to make candles and am particularly fond of using china cups and other lovely containers-For previous tutorials click here.Candles make fab gifts and are fairly inexpensive to make.
This Christmas I am hoping to make baskets of goodies for my friends filled with home made treats. I had collected some jam jars in preparation for making some chutneys and then thought wouldn't it be nice to make a candle which looked like a jar of homemade rose petal jam.This project is so easy and these candles are perfect to give to neighbours or to have on hand as a last minute stocking filler.
You will need

Soya wax Beads (available online or at craft stores)
Red candle Dye
Long String wicks and wick holders
Strawberry scented essential oil
A jug
Some wooden skewers or chop sticks
A square of fabric
An elastic band
Jam Jar Labels

Step One
Fill your jar with your wax beads. This to measure how much you need. 
Step Two
Put your wax beads into a Pyrex jug and then add an additional half jam jars worth again (this is because once the wax is melted it reduces in volume)
Step Three
Put your Pyrex jug in the microwave for 2 minutes. If you don't have a microwave you can use a steamer. just place your jug on the top of your steamer pan while the water boils underneath.
Step Four
Measure your wick. You will need the length of the jar plus about a quarter again.
Step Five
Thread your wick through the metal holder and tie a small knot
Step Six
Remove your jug of melted wax from the microwave or steamer once it is fully clear. use a tea towel to hold the handle as it will be hot. Always be sensible around hot wax it really hurts if you get splashed. Add some of your red colouring and a few drops of your scented oil and give it a stir with your chop stick.

Step Seven
Put your wick in your jar and pour your wax in. use one of your wooden skewers across the top of the jar and loop your wick around it. This will mean your wick sets straight and doesn't fall into the top of the wax as it sets.Leave to harden for an hour or so.
Step Eight
Once your candle is set cut a square of fabric to use as a cover and secure with an elastic band. I printed out some labels to personalise these which I found on this crafts site and glued one to the front of the jar and tied the other to the top with some ribbon.
Spreading the love with a scented candle

Ribbon just finishes it off beautifully
A very quick and I think very pretty little gift idea. 

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